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Optimizing Your Network… and the Bottom Line

This article was updated on November 6, 2023

< As businesses transition to cloud based IT, applications, storage and real time services like unified communications, they may do so in a phased manner where locations are connected to both public and private clouds. SD-WAN technology supports this deployment model by the allowing the customer a wide choice of last-mile connection options to optimize their networks of choice for reliability and Quality of Service (QoS). Recognizing the universal appeal and need for such a solution, we recently expanded our award-winning SD-WAN solution, SmartWAN, to Vonage’s proprietary Cloud PBX platform, allowing businesses to run their cloud communications using public broadband connections with QoS.

We were first-to-market with an enterprise-grade SD-WAN solution via SmartWAN when it was first launched in 2015 to enterprise customers, and now, SmartWAN is available to small and mid-sized businesses using the Vonage Business Cloud, Vonage's own purpose-built technology platform. SmartWAN actively monitors and dynamically routes voice and messaging traffic for consistent reliability of a unified communications solution run over public broadband connections, without the need for more expensive, private circuits.

The addition of SmartWAN to a company's cloud-based solutions offers Quality of Service by simplifying and improving redundancy, as well as streamlines a unified communications system to ensure businesses are able to keep their offices connected and running smoothly. Our focus at Vonage is to relentlessly expand upon our robust product portfolio to provide customers with innovative tools and leading-edge technology to transform the way they do business. As adoption of cloud communications grows for established businesses and digital natives, extending the benefit of SmartWAN to small and mid-sized businesses is a natural step in our commitment to driving better business outcomes for all of our customers.

For business customers that use public connections to power large quantities of voice, video and data communications in their day-to-day operations (i.e. Virtual Desktop, Software-as-a-Service, CRM tools and Hosted Email, to name a few), SmartWAN offers a strong differentiating tool to enhance internal collaboration among employees and increases the quality of external communications with their own customers. Blackout/Brownout protection, seamless failover and real-time, smart congestion prevention also ensure network quality and business continuity.

During Enterprise Connect 2018, Vonage VP and Chief Technology Architect Sanjay Srinivasan participated in two panels that discussed cloud migration, SD-WAN, and the bottom line: “How Cost Factors Affect Your Cloud Migration” and “SD-WAN: Catch the Next Wave of Cost Savings.” His top advice for companies looking to migrate to the cloud, and/or an SD-WAN solution? Be aware that the biggest potential pitfall is inertia. “Don’t just repeat what you did before - do some research and learn what we as providers can bring to the table - changing your thought process is important. Realizing the benefits of combining both UCaaS and CPaaS can result in revolutionary solutions and better business outcomes.” When it comes to SD-WAN, cost is part of the equation, but it’s not the only thing to consider.

See Vonage Chief Architect Sanjay Srinivasan discuss the features and benefits of adding SmartWAN to a Vonage unified communications solution.

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