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Real-time Intelligence Enables Real-World AI Solutions, Today!

This article was published on May 13, 2020

No longer the stuff of science fiction, real-world applications of artificial intelligence are already driving better business outcomes for companies, and we’re already enabling this for our customers! We recently announced a number of collaborations with our growing network of artificial intelligence (AI) providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft; and AI-enabled Platforms and ISVs, including Workplace by Facebook, i2x, MuleSoft, OneReach,, VoiceBase, Talkpush and Voicera. By partnering with these amazing companies and combining their innovations with the power of Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, we are advancing real-time intelligence in the enterprise every day.

Our APIs are enabling rapid, agile innovation in customer engagement, giving enterprises the ability to not only combine AI and communications solutions, but to evolve these solutions as technology, customer demands and business needs change. And, with the global nature of the Nexmo platform, developers have the ability to build with simple APIs, in any environment, and get instantaneous global reach.

Our collaborations with these partners can deliver solutions that provide customers with the ability to augment their business communications with AI and easily embed intelligent technology into their applications, resulting in Natural Language IVR (Interactive Voice Response), personalized customer notifications, surveys, AI-assisted agent solutions, and improved engagement outcomes.

We’re proud to partner with AI players including Amazon Lex, Google Cloud Speech and Dialogflow, and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Translator to provide developers looking to build their own solutions with tools to easily build real-time enterprise intelligence engagements. If users or brands are in need of a pre-built AI-application, Nexmo is enabling new ISV partners and BOT platforms such as i2x, MuleSoft, OneReach,, VoiceBase, and Voicera to improve customer engagement with artificial intelligence, opening up the ability to create real-time intelligence scenarios.

Details on each Nexmo partnership referenced in this announcement, including relevant use cases can be found here. The future is now.

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