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When Account Management Gets Complicated, Simplify with Vonage Subaccounts API in Beta

This article was published on May 13, 2020

by Oleksandr Bodriagov, Product Manager, Platform Services

  • Manage subaccounts: create, suspend, unsuspend
  • Monitor API usage in real-time
  • Programmatically manage balance & usage limits

Built for partners and businesses alike, our Subaccounts API provides you with a programmatic, scalable, and efficient way of creating and managing subaccounts for various business units, use cases, product stages or customers.

How Does it Work?

Under your primary account, you can use the Subaccounts API to facilitate differential product configuration, reporting, and billing. The API empowers you to handle various aspects of subaccount logistics: manage credit, track usage, set usage limits, and suspend subaccounts, among many other tasks.

If you’re a partner, you can programmatically create and manage subaccounts for your end customers and assign quota, track usage in real time, set custom usage limits, and suspend subaccounts in an organized way.

What are Subaccounts?

Accounts belonging to one primary account are called "subaccounts." They can be used to control, govern, and scale account usage from both a traffic and quota usage—without a dashboard. Here’s a look at a few different ways that you can use the Subaccounts API:

  • Provision and manage customer accounts, including account usage.
  • Clients use your application and calls Vonage APIs in the background.
  • API calls from clients go through your API proxy or platform, and are then made to Vonage APIs your behalf.
  • Clients calling Vonage APIs directly, requiring you to create Vonage accounts for their use.
  • Clients providing their Vonage credentials to your applications, allowing Vonage’s APIs to call on their behalf.

Subaccounts API Use Cases

SaaS partner using a single app with multiple users
Vonage customer enables their customers to use subaccounts through their application layer.

Multiple client apps using an API from our partner
A Vonage customer (Partner/Reseller) use subaccounts to access and manage accounts and quota through an API layer (e.g. Gateway or access control)

ISV or reseller creating individual accounts
Vonage customer manages access to communications APIs from their application layer. Users can access and manage subaccounts directly.

Marketplace with multiple clients managing accounts
A Vonage customer (Partner/Reseller), enables access to subaccounts by providing credentials to use APIs directly.

A Closer Look at Subaccounts

When you’re spending time detangling which business unit used what because all of your billing is going to one invoice, it can become difficult to tie usage to business results and KPIs.

With our Subaccounts API, you can keep your billing and traffic organized by subaccount. This allows product teams to easily allocate usage and manage business KPIs separately.

  • Organize traffic by one, or both, business unit or use case.
  • Get spending insight for each subaccount.
  • Receive one master invoice with each subaccount spend clearly itemized.

When there is one primary account with traffic that is difficult to keep track of, and is based on different business units, use cases, and/or customers, the Subaccounts API provides a centralized infrastructure for more control, efficiency, and organization. With the Subaccounts API, you can easily:

  • See the total number of subaccounts and their associated usage in real time.
  • Create or use subaccounts for different business units, use cases, and product stage (stand box or production).

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready for a better way to manage subaccounts from your primary account, then you’re ready for the Subaccounts API—where you can provision your customer accounts with ease and efficiency.

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