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SMS & MMS Marketing: How to Fuel the New eCommerce Sales Engine

This article was published on May 13, 2020

"Over half of consumers—58 percent—have responded to a missed phone call from a business with a SMS/MMS text message—but those businesses were not yet set up to handle such text conversations." (MarTech Today)


In Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report, e-commerce growth increased by 12.4 percent last year, and 12.1 percent the year prior. With e-commerce growth continuing to rise and more than half of consumers expecting text engagement with customers, there's a huge opportunity for online retailers to stand out in a competitive global marketplace.

Now, more than ever, businesses must understand how they can fuel the new e-commerce sales engine with SMS and MMS marketing. Powered by Nexmo APIs, SMSBump helps online retailers manage SMS and MMS marketing campaigns with greater speed and efficiency. They can also better track customer retention rates, improve customer experience, and boost revenue.

With SMSBump, online retailers can enjoy some of the same benefits as their customers. For example:

  • Scale online sales and marketing efforts

  • Improve rates of recovery for abandoned carts

  • Increase users in less than 2 years

  • Automate notification and marketing processes in stores

Why Businesses Choose SMSBump to Power eCommerce Sales Growth

Thanks to the partnership with Nexmo, SMSBump provides a fully compliant marketing tool for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

For example, Shopify drop-shipping expert, entrepreneur, and social media influencer Ivy Zhu made a YouTube video series sharing his growth strategies and impression of SMSBump. Realizing the untapped potential of SMS and MMS marketing for improved customer engagement and e-commerce growth, Zhu saw how SMSBump provided more opportunities for e-commerce entrepreneurs of every level.

"What I really love about SMSBump is how accessible it is. It's very good for beginners, intermediate merchants, and scaling businesses."

Ivy Zhu, Entrepreneur

On his YouTube channel, Zhu shows his audience how they can maximize their ROI and experience rocketship-level growth in e-commerce by using SMSBump and following SMS marketing best practices.

Here's a look at the numbers:

  • Total Spent on text messages: $0.89

  • Total Revenue from text messages: $2054.42

Nexmo and SMSBump Partner to Fuel Success in e-commerce

We're excited to partner with SMSBump and continue delivering next-level customer satisfaction for our e-commerce customers. With SMSBump's easy-to-use features, online retailers can strengthen their e-commerce marketing strategy and customer communication mix.

Learn more by visiting the SMSBump booth at Affiliate World Europe 2019 or

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