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UC and CC - The Convergence of Communications Continues

This article was updated on April 22, 2023

The consolidation of communications tools continues to accelerate as more and more businesses today are realizing the strength of an integrated, single platform to meet their communications needs.

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This trend has been many years in the making. 

Enterprise businesses navigating the new, modern workplace are seeing the value and benefit in the convergence of their unified communications and contact center solutions and how the seamless integration of the two meets the evolving needs of an increasingly dispersed workforce to connect and collaborate, and to maintain deep engagement with customers.

Providing access to CRM and business apps all within a single dashboard, an integrated platform for UC and CC also benefits from the ability to layer the kind of fully programmable applications - voice, video, messaging, chat, verification - via Communications APIs to create engagement with customers across their channel of choice.

This is helping businesses, after a supercharged three years of accelerated digital transformation, to create differentiated experiences for their customers and drive increased productivity within their organizations.

The Vonage Communications Platform (VCP), a unique combination of UCaaS, CCaaS and communicatons APIs, addresses this shift in the market driven by customer need. This model enables any use case, such as seamlessly embedded video, audio or text into your UC or CC application. Video collaboration solution Vonage Meetings is an excellent example where we were able to build a Video product for our UCaaS solution on top of our API platform and then have our CCaaS product leverage that same solution and enable video for agents. 

This ability to build upon solutions to meet the customer’s unique needs should be a core part of every business’ communications strategy. In an increasingly hybrid work environment, the importance of this agility continues to grow as businesses of all sizes realize the need for integrated, customized, embedded and personalized solutions to meet the needs of the new, modern workplace.

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