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Vee Joins Workplace by Facebook

This article was published on May 13, 2020

During F8 2018, Facebook’s annual developer conference, the company announced exciting new integrations for Workplace, including our newest chatbot, Vee for Workplace by Facebook! We partnered with Facebook to provide Workplace users with virtual assistant capabilities to create and manage AI-enabled conferencing.

Coming weeks after we first introduced the Vee virtual assistant for the Vonage Business Cloud platform, this is an exciting development for Vee, opening a new channel for the bot to make our customers’ lives easier.

Vee for Workplace uses simple bot commands to leverage cloud-based APIs via Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, and Vonage's Unified Communications APIs, to integrate cloud communications features directly into the Workplace collaboration platform, including the ability to initiate and manage conferencing and calling. In addition, Vonage Business Cloud customers can enjoy additional functionality, such as receiving real-time interactive call alerts, responding to calls with SMS quick replies, and redialing callers at their convenience, all from within Workplace.

Here at Vonage, we are uniquely positioned to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into real-time conversational use cases for employees to connect within collaboration platforms like Workplace, enabling enhanced productivity. Through Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, our Voice API and proprietary websocket technology opens up these capabilities and audio streams to control the conversation and analyze it in real-time.

Through a partnership with voice-centric AI pioneer Voicera, Vee for Workplace allows users to mention Vee in a post, which enables them to start an AI-powered conference bridge. Vee then offers quick reply buttons to highlight or add comments to the meeting transcription and recording. At the conclusion of the call, users will receive highlights, actions, meeting analytics, and the ability to share with the Workplace group.

To enhance the Workplace experience even further, we partnered with BOT providers, such as Converse.AI (acquired by SmartSheet), that have embedded Vonage building blocks into their framework. This allows further customization of the collaboration ecosystem to suit a business' unique needs for real-time communications, such as SMS, voice, number insight and personalized workflows.

The future is bright for AI, chatbots, and Vee!

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