Announcing the Vonage API Partner Awards 2021

Our application, integration, and technology partners are the best of the best, and we’re proud that they are the core of our Vonage Connect API partner ecosystem. Our partnerships have helped Vonage APIs achieve greater heights.

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We’re proud to introduce the winners of our 2021 Partner Awards, previously announced at the Vonage Transform API Partner Summit. (You can revisit and reinforce what you learned at the Partner Summit, anytime and on-demand, here.

The winners of the 2021 Partner Awards bring a wide range of talents and expertise to the table to address current enterprise challenges within various industries, including:

  • customer experience

  • artificial intelligence (AI)

  • digital transformation, and much more

But, before we reveal the winners of the 2021 Vonage API Partner Awards ...

We Want to Thank Our Vonage API Partners!

We want to express our appreciation and gratitude—and reaffirm our commitment—to all of our Vonage partners! 

Our application, integration, and technology partners are the best of the best, and we’re proud that they are the core of our Vonage Connect API partner ecosystem. These partnerships have helped Vonage APIs achieve greater heights.

The Vonage Connect API Partner Program

Our global ecosystem of Vonage Connect partners combine the strengths of our APIs with their own products, expertise, and technologies to build more innovative and unique communications experiences. 

Here’s a look at how our API partners build, integrate, and help implement unique solutions that accelerate business—and attract and retain customers like never before: 

Application partners deliver enterprise SaaS platforms to augment marketing and sales automation, call centers, customer service, ecommerce, and vertical markets.

Integration partners are consultants that provide custom applications for enterprises seeking to enhance implementation and customer engagement.

Technology partners offer complementary APIs or platforms such as AI and bot frameworks, natural language processing engines, and integration services.

And now—drum roll please—the winners of the 2021 Vonage API Partner Awards!

Global Partner of the Year: HCL

HCL launched its contact center intelligence—powered by Vonage APIs and AWS—that empowers customers with the ability to augment their AI capabilities.

EMEA Region Partner Awards

Best Implementation Partner: Livestorm

Livestorm built their video communication platform using Vonage Vodeo API, allowing them to not only handle the spike in demand driven by COVID-19, but to also support new types of use cases—with more to come.

Fastest-Growing Partner: VoiceSage

VoiceSage built a compelling RMM offer using Vonage APIs. The result: a much better messaging experience for consumers when interacting with their preferred brands. 2020 saw a rapid growth in VoiceSage usage of Vonage APis. 

Most Innovative Partner: KPMG

KPMG launched the digital transformation of their Israeli employment office, melding Conversational AI, WhatsApp, SMS, and Voice API—along with Vonage support—to meet both expectations and time to market.

LATAM Region Partner Awards

Best Implementation Partner: Doc24  

Doc24 offers an innovative, highly versatile telemedicine solution, powered by Vonage Video API and WhatsApp Business (WABA), that can be integrated into any health provider solution in the market.

Most Innovative Partner: eContact

eContact developed the Lynn connector, which simplifies Vonage Video API and WABA integration into the Genesys platform.

Fastest-Growing Partner: Chattigo

Chattigo allows companies to manage all their conversations in one place. In the past year, they were fully engaged in multiple joint opportunities and sales with Vonage. 

APAC Region Partner Awards

APAC Partner of the Year: Whispir

Whispir integrates with multiple Vonage APIs, selling across multiple verticals, primarily healthcare and insurance. Whispir and Vonage share a deep partnership across pipeline creation, sales, joint marketing, and project execution in this region.

Best Implementation Partner: Genesys  

Genesys teamed with Vonage to help a financial technology customer in Japan that uses Genesys Cloud Contact Centre and Vonage numbers, PSTN, and Voice API; this integration led to a large and successful deployment.

Most Innovative Partner: OCA

OCA, a part of the PT Telkom Indonesia group, created a one-stop omnichannel communications package, building their WhatsApp channel solution on the Vonage Messages API. They completed more than 15 deployments across PT Telkom and Indonesia.

Fastest-Growing Partner: JinMu

JinMu became a partner in June 2020. In just six months, their sales and technical teams were fully trained and certified, and they generated more than 400 leads that produced more than 10 sales opportunities.

NAM Region Partner Awards 

Outstanding Enterprise Partner: OneReach

OneReach was honored for their partnership with Vonage targeting Enterprise operations in demanding verticals that have complex conversational AI use cases. 

Fastest-Growing Partner: PubNub

PubNub helped Vonage build its communications API sales channel, developing joint opportunities and a "stronger together" position in the market. This partnership offers huge potential in a number of our key targeted verticals.

Outstanding Vertical Partner-FSI: Whispir

Whispir provides unmatched expertise and agility as Vonage continues its expansion in Finance and Insurance, incorporating a number of Vonage APIs and helping to solve many complex customer challenges.

We fully believe great customer experiences follow great communications enabled by seamless solutions. The current and future success of our industry goes hand-in-hand with our ability to continue supporting our partners.

Thank you to all of our partners! Cheers to many more successful endeavors.

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