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Vonage Contact Center Spring 2021 Release Really Moves the Needle

This article was published on March 25, 2021

There’s something to be said for thinking big. And familiar comforts are wonderful, too. So as you think of life hopefully moving from lockdown to normalcy—rest assured that customers can turn to their Vonage Contact Center and carry on delivering exceptional customer and agent experiences … and also enjoy the following new features and improvements. Welcome to our Spring ’21 release.

image that spotlights the Vonage Contact Center Spring 2021 release



Webchat is being released as a Vonage Contact Center native channel—and will route requests from your website directly to the appropriately-skilled agent through the ContactPad. Webchat will be accessible directly from your CRM, whether you use Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or ServiceNow.

Visual Engagement (Video and Screen Share)

Visual Engagement is a new native channel for Vonage Contact Center and is made available to agents using ContactPad when embedded in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or ServiceNow. Supervisors and business analysts can also historically report on video interactions alongside voice and any other channel which the agent supports.

Screen Recording

Screen Recording allows supervisors and quality managers to understand what the agents were doing on their desktops during the call. Leaders can also listen to the call. Screen Recording improves your quality management capabilities so that you can easily identify inefficiencies.

Cadence: Now Generally Available for Voice

Cadence was introduced in Winter ‘21 as early access and the product resilience has been improved to offer seamless disaster recovery in line with our platform standard. Should an incident impact platform performance—which requires your account to be moved to another node—Cadence will now continue to operate without any overhead from administrators of your account.

illustratoin of a contact center agent in a computer screen, with icons of idfferent channels around her and people on their phones and laptop.  Copy reads: ICMI Toolkit: Achieving Expectations: Exploring a New Era of Customer Behaviors, Opportunities, and Engagements, sponsored by Vonage An ICMI Toolkit
Achieving Expectations: Exploring a New Era of Customer Behaviors, Opportunities, and Engagements
The activities, checklists, and self-assessments contained within this whitepaper will prepare your contact center with everything it needs to thrive today and in the future.

New features going into the Beta/Early Access program include:

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice “Bring Your Own Telephony” Pilot

Vonage Contact Center now enables Salesforce to deliver the benefits of Service Cloud Voice through the power of our Interaction Architect, Salesforce integration, and audio quality. Note that it is possible to continue with existing call flows, users, and contact numbers—though items like case pops may need to be changed. Service Cloud Voice provides a possible alternative to how you want Salesforce and Vonage Contact Center to work together to benefit your operation.

Analytics Dashboards (North America Only)

This new Analytics offering will bring the power of a Business Intelligent system into the Vonage Contact Center Portal for customers of all types. This offers the ability to report historically on Interaction and Agent data, create custom Analytics Dashboards to meet your needs, download reports in a variety of formats, and build a custom formula calculation to deliver truly bespoke reporting. This feature is open for beta access in North America only.

There will be a new naming convention for the various clouds on the VCC Status and Uptime pages, plus a range of additional features, enhancements, and feature retirement notifications.

The Vonage Contact Center Spring ‘21 Release rolls out during the week of March 29, 2021.

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Tim Kimber
Tim Kimber

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