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Deliver Exemplary Experiences With the Vonage Contact Center Summer 2021 Release

This article was updated on August 11, 2021

Managing your contact center and keeping your teams happy can be a complex undertaking. That’s why we’re excited to announce enhancements that not only make life easier for supervisors—but also help agents deliver the exemplary experiences that nurture customer relationships. If you’re ready to boost CX, then check out the cloud-based Vonage Contact Center and our Summer 2021 release.

image that depicts the Vonage Contact Center, Summer 2021 release

Support for Microsoft Edge Browser

Administrators, supervisors, and agents can now use this browser—including support for WebRTC.

Detailed Problem Reporting

Previously, agents could report audio problems directly from the ContactPad agent interface. Agents can now leverage this feature at any point during an interaction and can also report other problems. This reduces the need for agents to troubleshoot with Vonage engineering and leads to faster issue resolution.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Threshold alerts of key metric updates are available through browser notifications; users will be notified even if the browser window or tab is out of focus (but open)
  • Enhanced filtering gives dashboard creators a new tool—with Group Filter for Interaction Details, they can build a widget showing all active interactions within their team

Analytics Dashboards (Limited Early Access)

Business Intelligence Analytics are built into the Vonage Contact Center Portal. This enables users to report historically on interaction and agent data, create custom analytics dashboards and calculations, and download reports.

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Contact Center and CRM to the Cloud: The Migration Imperative
Your guide to bringing the benefits of your cloud contact center and your CRM solutions together.

For Vonage customers who have Salesforce, prepare for enhanced capabilities with:

Desk Phone Support

Service Cloud Voice enables voice to blend with digital channels and become native to Salesforce. We now provide support for desk phones. This enables you to retain the current investment of your hardphone of choice, such as a desk or mobile phone, to talk with customers.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice “Partner Telephony”

You have the option to choose Service Cloud Voice, which brings together phone, digital channels, and CRM data in one central view for service agents. You can also continue to use Interaction Architect,  existing call flows, users, and contact numbers.

And Vonage customers who have either Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics can enjoy:

Cadence Enhancements

Cadence is a tool that helps configure an outbound calling pattern to increase successful connections with prospects or customers. The summer release includes the ability to:

  • Enforce disposition codes for Cadence users, which provides better tracking on both inbound and outbound calls
  • Define the time zone and working hours for prospect lists, or individual prospects within a list, to ensure compliance with calling regulations

Let’s Get Ready for the Vonage Contact Center Summer 2021 Release

We’re excited to bring you these feature updates. So mark your calendar, as the summer release rolls out the week of Aug. 9, 2021. Optimize your agent and customer experience with Vonage cloud contact center solutions.

headshot photo of Kay Phelps, Contact Center Practice Leader at Vonage
By Kay Phelps Contact Center Practice Leader

Kay brings over 20 years of contact center experience—across product development, systems engineering, product management, and product marketing—to her role at Vonage. Kay also taps into her expertise as a frequent blogger, author, and presenter. And her collective knowledge helps companies deliver excellence in customer experiences. Outside of work, you can find Kay hiking, skiing, reading, or traveling.

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