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Vonage Summer '20 Release Emerges From Lockdown

This article was published on August 17, 2020

As we while away the long summer days, rest assured that as part of our quest to deliver an unrivaled customer and agent experience, Vonage Contact Center continues to add exciting new features and improvements. Read on to learn more about how they can help make your organization more productive, efficient, and effective in delivering great experiences.

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Vonage AI Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is now fully available, both standalone and integrated with Vonage Contact Center, delivering enhanced self-service interactions that engage every caller with natural language and enable additional capacity within your contact center. This means that the Virtual Assistant handles initial queries, provides a solution to the caller, or automatically escalates to a live agent.


The dramatic rise in popularity of live chat is driven by customer preference—response times are often faster than non-live channels like email and SMS, without requiring the full concentration of a call. Live chat is now formally part of the Vonage omnichannel offering via an integration with Salesforce Live Agent, meaning that all interactions are managed in one place. This makes administration easier, routing more intelligent, and prioritization more powerful, and creates a consistent user experience across channels that provides a single set of real-time and historic reports.

Configurable Agent Capacity and Skill Levels

Capacity to handle interactions can now be set at the agent level, and it’s even possible to configure agent capacity to allow an agent to be delivered omnichannel interactions while handling a voice call. Skill proficiency levels can also be set for agents, allowing the routing of interactions to the agent with the right proficiency for the call.

PCI Self-Service Secure Payments

Self-service secure payments enables payments to be taken through an IVR, fully integrated into your CRM. It’s ideal for customers with a self-service IVR wanting to take automated payments over the phone. Self-service payments can operate standalone or alongside the Agent Assist service, helping to significantly improve customer payment compliance behavior. It’s also particularly suited to managing seasonal spikes and offering out-of-hours payment options, all while driving down the cost of taking payments and delivering increased customer flexibility.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing With Vonage Agent Connect

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing with Vonage Agent Connect allows the efficient routing of calls from Vonage Contact Center into Teams. Directly routing calls from Vonage Contact Center improves call quality and reliability by bypassing the PSTN. This can also be combined with the existing Microsoft 365 Single-Sign-On (SSO) capability to provide an integrated experience.


Dashboards are now fully available, with interaction states color-coded to show when an agent is available to take a new interaction. Presence and interaction-state colors have also been aligned to ContactPad to improve consistency. Following the widespread move to remote contact centers—and particularly work-from-home agents—a dashboard owner can now make a dashboard “Public” and share the dashboard with their staff who have read-only/view-only access.

There are also many administration improvements in this Summer ‘20 Release, including the ability to configure data retention policies for agent and interaction statistics, enhanced password security, simplified sent email notifications, a new interaction search page, enhancements to the interaction content API, and call recording advancements.

Summer ‘20 Release rolls out during the week of August 17, 2020.

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