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PubNub + Vonage Bring Voice and Video Chat to PubNub’s Real-Time Communication Platform

This article was updated on May 7, 2021

Since 2010, PubNub has been powering apps that bring people together in real-time for remote work, play, learning, and health.

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Since 2010, PubNub has been powering apps that bring people together in real-time for remote work, play, learning, and health. Thousands of companies use PubNub’s Real-Time Communication Platform and its APIs as the foundation for in-app chat, virtual events, geolocation, telehealth, and push notifications/alerts, at massive global scale.

In partnership with PubNub, we are making it easier for enterprises and software teams to add enhanced communication and collaboration functionality to their applications. By integrating Vonage capability into apps built on PubNub, you can now benefit from the richest set of live voice and video features alongside robust in-app messaging and push notification features. Learn more about the PubNub+Vonage integration here.

As our lives move ever more online for remote engagement, it remains a challenge for software teams to stitch together all the elements needed for remote-first engagement, including navigating intense time-to-market pressure for increasingly complex functional requirements. In partnership with PubNub, we are making it easier to blend high-quality voice and video communications with in-app messaging functionality like in-app chat, push notifications, location tracking, IoT device control, and shared boards, spaces, and documents. All so enterprises and software teams don’t have to figure it out on their own, particularly as the world continues its accelerated shift to remote-first engagement.

Vonage has always been about making connections. We believe every conversation should be as authentic and genuine as possible, and we’re proud that our products and services make that possible for so many companies. This partnership with PubNub only expands the reach and impact of our technology, by making it easier to leverage our respective capabilities to better enable remote-first engagement..

Better Together

The partnership is focused on better meeting business and consumer needs. Together we make it easier for customers to build and deploy robust communication and collaboration solutions. Your development team won’t have to devote the time and human effort to build these experiences from the ground up. PubNub + Vonage’s APIs make it easy, accelerating time-to-value through ease of deployment, flexibility, differentiated feature set, and future-proofed technology.

Plus, Vonage and PubNub both offer enterprise-grade security and legislative compliance, so you can be confident that your interactions are safe and secure, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Vonage + PubNub Use Cases

The world is changing, and customer expectations are changing just as fast. Not only are users now expecting remote interactions to meet the same standards as the in-person customer experience they’re used to (which is where Vonage-powered video engagement comes into play), but they are also expecting a similar in-app chat experience to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber (which is where PubNub-powered remote interaction comes into play). Whether it’s telehealth, rideshare, distance learning, social and entertainment, or virtual events, you can trust PubNub and Vonage to bring your customers the most seamless, responsive, and full-featured remote engagement experience possible. 

At Vonage we’re thrilled to see our voice and video APIs integrated with such a compelling and industry-leading innovation platform. If you’re looking for new and better ways to communicate with your customers, check out PubNub + Vonage today.


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