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Go with the Flow: Introducing VonageFlow All-in-One Workstream Collaboration

This article was published on May 13, 2020

We’re excited to announce that Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) platform capabilities have expanded with VonageFlow, our proprietary workstream collaboration solution. Now, VBC users can leverage team messaging, file sharing, SMS and voice, available across any device, and can integrate directly with the capabilities of Business Inbox, including social messaging via Facebook.

Unlike most workstream collaboration solutions, VonageFlow is a fully-integrated solution enabled by the cloud-based architecture of the Vonage Business Cloud platform. Which means that our customers can leverage voice, messaging, and SMS within one single interface, enabling streamlined communications and greater productivity. Plus, with VonageFlow, users enjoy seamless interoperability across VBC’s mobile app, new desktop app and upgraded web app.

So how does it work? VonageFlow allows SMS and social messages to be routed directly into a team messaging environment. For instance, when customers contact a company with an issue via SMS or Social Messaging, all team members associated with that extension or business inbox would receive the message in real-time, no matter their location. This allows for more immediate recognition of customer issues and more efficient resolution. The team then has the ability to quickly collaborate to resolve the issue by sharing digital content; looping in additional colleagues as needed; and replying back to the customer, all within one simple platform.

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