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SMS API features

Our SMS API extends your reach with powerful features and helpful resources.
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The most-loved SMS API features on our powerful platform

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Adaptive routing™

Proactively re-route messages to ensure optimum delivery—like GPS for your SMS.
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Global compliance engine

Minimize unpredictable delivery by removing the complexity of global carriers and regulations. Learn more
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Fraud Defender

Protect your revenue and reputation with real-time alerting and automatic blocking of suspicious traffic. Learn more

Maximize your reach with reliable deliverability

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Two-way messaging

Virtual numbers allow your customers to reply to messages for an interactive, chat-like experience.
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Dedicated Short Codes

Distinguish yourself with a recognizable Sender ID and increase your speed to market. Learn more
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10 DLC

Improve the delivery of your messages with a local presence, increased throughput and SPAM protection for your end users. Learn more
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Number fallback

Ensures high deliverability, even if your user’s carrier doesn’t accept short code SMSs.
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Local number ID

Local numbers in 76 countries make it easy to receive and reply to messages for free.
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Persistent sender ID

Streamline the messaging experience by using one phone number per person.
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Number pools

Secure a pool of local sender IDs so no one else can use them to message your clients.
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Programmable phone numbers

Unmatched coverage for instantly provisioning phone numbers in any location.
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Smart splitting

Keep long messages readable and actionable—without having to split URLs and emails.
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Advanced encoding

Automatic Unicode translation gives your customers the best—and most emoji-filled— experience possible.

Outbound network

Connect with virtually anyone in the world via a single API, completely hassle free.

Stay compliant around the world

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Automatically queue high-volume messaging campaigns in accordance with each carrier’s regulations.
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Automatically splits and seamlessly reassembles longer text messages according to carrier specifications.
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Opt-Out Assist

Eliminate the burden of managing requirements, user opt-outs and lists with built in compliance.

Easily manage your services

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We’ll help you troubleshoot problems quickly and thoroughly.
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Additional secondary accounts help you organize multiple applications or services.
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User Permissions

Scale and assign permissions by user to avoid confusion and mix-ups at any level.
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Dashboard analytics

Get detailed insights on your campaigns, down to the recipient’s cellular network and country of origin.
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