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Route email into your contact center

Put the customer insights you already have to further use. Route your voice, Salesforce email, chat, SMS, video, and social channels together using the same business logic. This provides for more consistent customer experiences and boosts operational efficiency.
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Email Features

Customers enjoy a rich, consistent, and integrated experience across their channels of choice. This also spotlights your priority on customer service.
Consistently route customers across channels based on the latest information stored in Salesforce, including case owner, last agent contact, latest post-call survey, and more.
Salesforce users have only one place to set their availability and check peer presence, which improves total operational efficiency.
Omnichannel integration can boost efficiency with teams skilled in both voice and digital. Scaling up or down is simple because the administration is done within Salesforce.
Since all channel activity is automatically and consistently logged into Salesforce, you can quickly monitor effectiveness.
By managing operations within Salesforce, you reduce administrative complexity through a consistent set of routing rules for Vonage voice and Salesforce digital channels.
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Transitioning to an omnichannel contact center?
Customers today are highly empowered and digitally savvy—and unforgiving when they receive poor customer service. Learn how an omni-channel operation can raise the customer experience.
Vertafone, a leading software provider

Vertafore, a leading software provider for the insurance industry, chose a Vonage contact center and saw increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

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