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RCS and conversational commerce

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is not just an upgrade from traditional SMS and MMS. RCS enhances conversational commerce right at the intersection of messaging apps and shopping — where businesses and customers engage in real-time, interactive communications to complete a purchase. RCS, with its advanced messaging capabilities, plays a pivotal role to enrich this experience.

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Start using RCS with Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by

Easily enhance your in-channel experience with rich media and interactive messaging.

  • High-quality images and videos: High-resolution product images and videos provide a better visual representation than SMS or MMS.

  • Carousels and quick replies: Interactive elements like carousels allow users to scroll through multiple product images. And quick reply buttons enable instant responses and actions.


Enhance your business messaging strategy

Rather than resembling an ordinary text, you can present your best self with branded communications.

  • Give customers what they want: Customers are more comfortable with familiar branding elements instead of the random text.

  • Get the details: RCS provides real-time metrics, such as read rates.

  • Send it: RCS natively fails over to SMS to ensure message delivery.

Illustration of business owner using a magnifying glass to study customer data. Other icons show a pie chart, a customer profile, and social media likes.

Reach, test, and measure with advanced broadcast capabilities

RCS with Vonage Conversational Commerce makes it easy to send the message and secure the metrics.

  • Multichannel broadcasts: Includes Google RCS, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Viber, Telegram, and voice.

  • A/B testing: Helps determine which campaign works best.

  • Advanced segmentation: Targets customers on a granular level.

  • Broadcast capacity: Stretches to 2M users per campaign.

  • Analytics: Lets you check message delivery status and campaign performance.

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Enhance your customer engagement

RCS with Vonage Conversational Commerce can help you personalize the messaging and shorten response time.

  • Personalized offers and promotions: Customize your messaging based on user preferences and behavior, which helps drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • Real-time communications: Send immediate responses to queries and support requests to improve customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Order tracking and updates: Deliver real-time updates to enhance the post-purchase experience.

Illustration of a mobile phone with a messaging conversation on the screen; behind the phone is a bot with long arms reaching towards the screen, indicating the bot is facilitating the conversation with the customer

Automate with chatbots

Thanks to RCS with Vonage Conversational Commerce, you can now put your CX on a 24/7 schedule.

  • AI-driven chatbots: RCS deploys AI chatbots that can handle routine queries, provide product recommendations, and assist with purchases — all to ensure 24/7 customer support.

  • Human takeover: When complex issues arise, chatbots can seamlessly transfer the conversation to a human agent. Agents have access to generative AI assistants for responses, replies, sentiment analysis, and conversation summaries. This maintains continuity, personalization, and quality service.

Enhance the conversational commerce experience

Ready to engage with customers in a richer, more engaging, and efficient manner? Then explore RCS to drive higher engagement and conversions.
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