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Vonage Conversational Commerce for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Vonage Conversational Commerce for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a packaged app, bridges the best of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by Now businesses can extend the customer journey from marketing to engagement and commerce through two-way SMS and WhatsApp conversations.

This is an image of a hand, holding a smartphone, with connected lines to an SMS and WhatsApp. This is to depict Vonage Conversations for Salesforce.
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Reach and notify

Pictogram of a chatbot

Engage and nurture

Shopping cart

Convert and complete transactions

Reach and notify customers in Salesforce Marketing Cloud


  • Send promotional broadcasts about offers and campaigns

  • Drive customers to initiate a chat within SMS or WhatsApp or redirect them to your store

Photo of man texting icons showing MMS, Voice and Chat

Engage and nurture customers with Vonage Conversational Commerce


  • Use AI chatbots to capture leads or offer customer support and product information

  • Nurture customers through live chat or live video consultation

  • Leverage generative AI for live chat responses, FAQs, and WhatsApp templates

  • Start a referral marketing campaign to acquire new customers

Illustration of a hand holding a mobile phone; on the screen of the phone is a text conversation between Andy a chatbot; there is a chatbot standing to the left and behind the mobile phone, indicating it is a conversation between a human and a bot

Convert and complete transactions in channel with Vonage Conversational Commerce


  • Conduct end-to-end conversational commerce through automation and live chat consultation

  • Deploy AI-driven conversational bots, assign in-store sales associates, or assist customers with a mix of both

Turn conversations into sales

Engage customers anytime, anywhere, with Vonage Conversational Commerce.
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Speak with an expert.

US toll-free number: 1-844-365-9460
Outside the US: Local Numbers