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Introducing the Vonage Network Registry

This article was published on April 14, 2024

The Vonage Network Registry, designed to provide access and support to Vonage’s CAMARA-based network APIs, is an industry-first service for developers seeking seamless integration of a Communication Service Providers (CSPs) network capabilities into their applications. Read on to learn more.

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Revolutionizing developer access to mobile network APIs with a unified registration process

By facilitating access to APIs for developers across the globe, the Vonage Network Registry simplifies the process of registering and accessing network APIs for developers worldwide. Serving as a centralized solution, it eliminates the complexities associated with engaging multiple CSPs and their unique ways of running their networks.

Additionally, the Vonage Network Registry offers a unified service for customers to integrate and harness the capabilities of the CSPs network. Upon registration and approval, customers gain access to the applicable Vonage network API. This provides seamless integration of advanced network capabilities into both new and existing applications. IService  is accessible directly from our Vonage Customer Dashboard. This streamlines the experience for both customers and developers, providing a centralized service center to manage services while fully leveraging the potential of Vonage’s communications and network APIs.

While the Vonage Network Registry brings clear advantages to the customers, CSPs also play a crucial role in this journey. The swift and streamlined registration and access facilitated by Vonage through this service provide CSPs with the ability to evaluate developers and businesses seeking to leverage their network capabilities. Now, CSPs can concentrate on their core business to meet the growing needs of their customers while simultaneously accelerating innovation.

About Vonage’s Network APIs

Vonage CAMARA-based network APIs made accessible through the Vonage Network Registry service provide access to a network API that addresses two-factor authentication capabilities for both end-users and businesses. Our network APIs ensure swift identification offering a frictionless experience that enhances security without compromising user convenience. The Number Verification API safeguards sensitive information in an era of increasing fraudulent exchanges. This enhanced security and user-friendly authentication enables CSPs to deliver robust and reliable service, fostering customer trust and loyalty in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Immediate applications in high demand include retail verification at checkout and digital banking.

The Vonage Network Registry makes it easy to register and access

The Vonage Network Registry is now easily accessible through the Vonage Customer Dashboard. Customers that want access to CSP capabilities can easily register in three simple steps: add a business profile, create a network application profile, and link them to your application. Customers must register their interest in specific Network APIs in their selected geography. Once submitted, the user can easily track the status of their registration across all Vonage CSP partners. Once a registration is approved, the user can start leveraging their chosen network capabilities.

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Vonage Network Registry

What’s next

Vonage brings to market new Network APIs that drive value through our communications and network API platform. This cutting-edge experience of network APIs, powered with a 5G integration, creates a seamless and immersive digital landscape. With Vonage, customers will have the opportunity to experience the synergy of 5G and Network APIs setting the stage for a new era of connectivity and innovation that redefines engagement and experiences in the digital age.

As CAMARA continues to develop new and enhanced network capabilities, Vonage will continue to make them available to the global developer community. We remain committed to accelerating innovation with 5G and network APIs that transform digital engagement.

Register with us today and dive into developing and connecting with network APIs that will reshape industries and change the world. Let's build the future together, one API at a time.

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