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What Is the Best Phone System for a Small Business?

This article was updated on May 30, 2024

No two businesses are exactly alike in their needs, goals, and methods. Demands and approaches to the market also change over time. A small-business phone system needs to make life easier today and be simple to adapt to whatever comes tomorrow. In the end, the best phone system for a small business is proven by the outcomes it helps owners and employees achieve.

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Determining the Right System for You

The best small-business phone system is slightly different for each company. You already figure you need a business phone number, but do you need it to connect to a desk phone, a cell phone, or both? The best system might connect all your devices through the power of the cloud. Sometimes the best system is the one that has flexible settings, because different employees or locations need different things. Plus, you can’t forget that your customers have expectations about the phone service — maybe a “best system” also improves customer relationships from the first call onward.

The elusive best virtual phone systems for a small business can help with a lot of these things. In some cases, the improvement is actually as simple as flipping a switch — or rather, logging into an app. Let’s talk through setting business phone system priorities and explore some options to meet them. 

What Are Some Best Office Phones for Small Business?

Any internet-compatible phone will work as a business phone. In fact, there are some scenarios where an office phone is not needed at all because you can use a desktop computer and mobile apps. But some businesses need or prefer the traditional desk handset, which is why the market is still full of great options. Major manufacturers of office phones include Panasonic, Poly, and Yealink. Each makes some of the best phone systems for small businesses, depending on the circumstances.


Vonage offers some of Panasonic’s wireless phone systems for a small business. It all starts with the Panasonic TGP600 base, which can connect both wireless handsets and wireless desk phones to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Beyond the included wireless handset, businesses like retail stores, restaurants, and warehouses often choose upgrades like the Panasonic TPA 60.


Vonage offers some of Poly’s desk handsets and conference hubs. Phones like the Poly CCX 500 make employees confident they will sound professional and clear on every call. More advanced small-business phones like the Poly CCX 600 include touchscreens to help users maximize efficiency. Other hardware options include conference phones and speakers that are great for open environments and groups of all sizes.


Vonage offers some of Yealink’s corded and cordless phones, including conference phone options. A number of entry-level IP phones like the Yealink SIP-T53W can be upgraded through new handsets and other add-ons to meet the specific needs of each user. Models like the Yealink CP930W allow you to conference call wherever it’s needed with no concern about connecting to the network or power outlets.

Hardware like this can support lots of different needs. Whether a company uses just one phone, a four-line phone system for small businesses, or dozens of lines to keep up with vendors and customers, a VoIP communications solution can work for you.

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Multi-Line Phone Systems: Small-Business Plans and Features

Today’s multi-line phone systems for small businesses are much more flexible than options of the past. Solutions like Vonage Business Communications turn a personal cell phone into a business line, while the same number can also receive calls in the office. One subscription to a VoIP phone number for your business can translate into dozens of local numbers nationwide, routing calls to one place while giving the company a local feel to far-flung customers.

These are just some of the plan features available to small businesses today. As you compare plans and judge which features you really need, consider this short checklist.

  • The small-business phone service is reliable and calls are clear.

  • Pricing is transparent and predictable, with maintenance included in your fees.

  • Administration is easy and lines are simple to set up and configure.

  • Connection with other technology and software delivers advanced opportunities for growth. 

Which Is the Best VoIP-Based Virtual Phone System for You?

Every business needs different things from its virtual phone system, and the best solution is one that meets your exact needs. If you operate very simply, then one phone with a wireless handset and answering machine might be the best for you. If you need to make an enterprise-level first impression or manage a complex and spread-out team, more features help you automate work off your plate.

The best phone system meets today’s needs and also leaves room for growth and change tomorrow. You can leverage phone system features built for small business, like a virtual attendant or click-to-call that make it easier for customers to find you and get the service they need. For you and other employees, tools like voicemail-to-email transcription and call forwarding make it easier to follow up with leads and get work done. Ultimately, when you find the best phone system, you will know it, because the technology will feel like an invaluable asset to your business.

Learn More About Vonage Small-Business Phone Systems

Vonage has delivered world-class communications solutions for over 20 years. All it takes is an internet connection to use our VoIP phone systems for small businesses. You can explore features and start setting up your ideal plan on our website.

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