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How a Great Video CX Builds Stronger Customer Relationships

This article was updated on October 27, 2022

Video isn't just for catching up with friends and family or holding work meetings anymore. According to our 2021 Global Customer Engagement Report, 56% of consumers opt to video chat with businesses. In fact, there's been a 300% growth in the number of respondents who chose video chat as the number one channel for talking to companies.

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This trend in customer experience (CX) represents an opportunity for businesses to boost customer engagement. Here's why video is so impactful and how you can build stronger relationships with a great video CX.

How Video Affects the Customer Experience

Video grabs customers' attention and boosts engagement, particularly on social channels. It allows customers to be both heard and seen in the contact center, transforming faceless transactions into warm conversations. When done well on a consistent basis, customer experience videos can also improve brand perception, increase brand loyalty, and accelerate conversions. According to G2, 94% of users say videos help them make purchase decisions.

How Businesses Improve Their CX With Video

Retailers have especially embraced video communication trends, for example, by allowing shoppers to ask customer service agents for information like where to find a store or complete a transaction such as a return. By giving customers access to a human being, businesses can still offer a personal touch regardless of anyone's physical location. Video banking has similarly taken off at times when customers couldn't visit branches in person by giving customers a direct line to officers who could help them make sense of the paperwork involved in filing a loan application.

Telehealth and distance learning are two other popular applications for video CX that have helped people of all ages remotely access health care and education while still maintaining the crucial human connection required to build trust and rapport., a leading telehealth provider, supported over 600,000 doctor-to-patient video sessions with over 11 million video minutes — in a single day. "Telehealth is playing a key role in keeping doctors and patients safe and healthy during this crisis, and we predict that when we're on the other side of this, it will become an accepted frontline medical practice," said Brandon Welch, the company's founder.

How Your Business Can Use Video CX

Businesses are creatively using video to enhance the customer experience in a number of ways. Here are four common use cases for customer experience videos.

1. Product Explanations and Instructions

Especially in the business-to-business sphere where products can sometimes be complex, video explanations can go a long way toward helping a customer understand the use case or value of a specific offering. Instead of having to read a lengthy or convoluted written explanation, the customer can watch a simple video tutorial, often in much less time. And once the customer receives the product, they might find it helpful to have a clear visual walk-through available on demand so they can get their product up and running right away.

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Maximizing the Omnichannel CX with AI
Despite recent rapid digital transformation efforts, only 45% of consumers are "very satisfied" with their business communications. That means big opportunities for the companies who get it right. Get the data and learn how AI can help with our 11th annual Global Customer Engagement Report.

2. Solving Customer Problems

If your business has already turned customer communication into conversation and you have a thorough understanding of the pain points customers face, then you can proactively address those problems in a helpful explainer video or live video chat. This form of visual engagement prevents customers from having to dig up the solution themselves in knowledge bases or customer forums — something digital natives will especially appreciate since they're particularly inclined to seek out self-help resources before contacting the customer service team.

3. Personalized Thank You Notes

You can express your appreciation for a customer's purchase or their continued loyalty through a thoughtful, individualized thank you note. While this sort of message only takes a short amount of time to record, it creates a personalized customer experience that the customer won't soon forget.

4. Testimonials

A testimonial from a satisfied customer carries more weight than any claims or promises a business makes. When you invite a customer to share their experience with your company in a short video, that firsthand testimony has a better chance of inspiring conversions.

Things to Consider When Creating a Video CX

Although mobile devices have made it easy for everyone to record their own videos on the fly, quality still matters from a customer engagement perspective. Social platforms also factor quality into their ranking algorithms, which determine how many customers see the video in the first place. If fewer people end up encountering the video, the return on investment might be diminished. With that in mind, make sure the lighting, sound, content, and graphics are in tip-top shape before sharing your customer experience videos.

The right video solutions also make a difference when it comes to customer engagement by creating a seamless experience for customers at every touchpoint. For example, visual engagement is now a key component of the cloud contact center, providing 1:1 video chat and screen sharing that quickly and conveniently solve customer problems. And video APIs deliver personalized and context-aware face-to-face interactions, capturing business analytics that help the business continuously improve its customer experience.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships with a Great Video CX

Video is not a gimmick or a frill — it's among the top six business communication trends. Customers crave the personal touch and convenience that video makes possible, and they reward brands that do it well with repeat business. You can meet this customer demand with a well-crafted, personalized video that boosts the customer experience. By including video in your omnichannel strategy, you'll be able to forge meaningful relationships with your customers and earn their loyalty.

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