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How Stackable Business Communication Tools Are Just Like Your Favorite Burger

Remember the most delicious burger you ever ate? It might be hard to pinpoint exactly what made it so incredible, but chances are your favorite burger of all time was built with a stack of your favorite ingredients that, when combined, made for an unforgettable experience.

Just like the elements of a perfect burger, stackable business communication tools can be just the thing you need.

Business communication tools, like a UCaaS or unified communications-as-a-service platform with a cloud-native contact center, are much the same. The best communications tech stacks are comprised of various components that, when brought together in a single package, make for uniquely satisfying employee and customer experiences. And just like your favorite burger, UCaaS and contact center tools are completely customizable to your tastes, giving you the flexibility you need to create exceptional experiences.

Here's a look at the key ingredients of a delicious communications stack and how each of them can deliver flexible business communications you won't soon forget.

Key Ingredients of a Delicious UC Stack

The Bun: UCaaS

The bun is everything in a burger. It holds the other components together, forming a convenient carrying case for all the tasty goodness inside. This is similar to a reliable, best-in-class UCaaS platform. With a dependable solution in place, you can properly savor all your favorite parts of unified communications and even slather on some secret sauce — like powerful contact center capabilities — without worrying about everything falling apart and unceremoniously landing on your lap due to structural integrity issues. With the right foundation, you can customize your communications solution, seamlessly adding the tools you need from the provider's tech stack offerings.

The Patty: VoIP

Although patties come in many forms, from the classic beef disc to turkey and vegetarian alternatives, no one would create a burger without a patty. VoIP is much the same; since cloud-based communications are crucial to modern businesses, VoIP is the essential ingredient in any UC stack. And just like a juicy patty, VoIP can be even more satisfying with rich cloud-based features, like voicemail transcription, that help you stay on top of your incoming voice messages with a quick glance, even while you're occupied with other activities (like indulging in a burger). These scalable, flexible, cloud-based features help your business stay on top, even as your communications needs evolve.

These benefits are compounded when combined with contact center capabilities. The cloud enables contact center employees and customers alike to have quick, seamless communications, while the company gets a scalable solution that can grow with an evolving contact center. By integrating the contact center with a CRM and a UC solution via a robust VoIP-powered, cloud-hosted tech stack, the business can use one platform to access multiple tools, making a simple meal gourmet.

Many companies find that contact center as a service (CCaaS) is the secret sauce that takes their customer experience from good to outstanding.

Cheese: Video Conferencing

After a bun and a patty, cheese is one of the most important elements of your stackable burger. Even though it's optional, it takes an otherwise basic meal and makes it flavorful. In much the same way, video conferencing is the flavor powerhouse of your UC stack. It can bring together colleagues working in different locations using various devices, allowing them to experience the creative benefits of teaming up on tasks and projects as if they were together in the same room. And once a video conference is underway, the team can take advantage of other tasty additions, like chat and file sharing, that round out the flavor profile even further.

Sauces and Condiments: Contact Center, CRM Integrations, and More

Once your burger has your mouth watering, you can customize its taste to your liking by adding the right sauce or condiment to your stack. The flexibility of being able to pick and choose your burger toppings can take your meal to the next level. You can customize your UCaaS solution too, adding precisely the communications capabilities that you need — be it a robust contact center, a CRM integration, or a platform integration — to the central business communications hub you already know and love. This flexibility and customizability allows you to enhance the customer and employee experiences by using the right tools for collaboration and customer service at the right time.

Like burger toppings, there are countless communications tools that you can easily add to your tech stack. Many companies find that contact center as a service (CCaaS) is the secret sauce that takes their customer experience from good to outstanding, for example, especially when it's joined with UCaaS in a single easy-to-manage solution with a reduced TCO. With a third-party provider handling the management of the stack, the business gets the ability to customize their tools according to their needs without the cost of self-management. And when they add CRM integration to the contact center or integrate their UCaaS solution with a collaboration platform, these companies unlock even greater business productivity as well as a rewarding employee experience. When companies have a single solution that allows them to quickly and easily add the communications toppings of their choice, everyone — especially employees and customers — wins.

Toppings: Mobility and Collaboration

When you get to burger toppings, you use your personal preference to make all the right choices for your taste. Toppings offer you the flexibility to create the exact burger you want at any given moment.

Toppings are a lot like a mobile UC app, which allows you to stay connected with your colleagues anywhere, anytime. If you're heading out of town on the train after a long day at the office, you can still wrap up a few lingering items during a quiet chat session with a colleague. If you're working from home on an exciting new project, you can jump on a video conference to brainstorm with members of your team. Your employees immediately reap the benefits of a connected communications experience. With these benefits of a UCaaS platform at the ready, you have the flexibility to be ready, too — whatever the moment requires.

Dig Into a Satisfying Communications Stack

Whether your burger appears in a fast food drive-through window or you carefully grill it to juicy perfection yourself, it's a classic summertime meal that you can enjoy wherever you are — by a pool in the backyard, at a ballgame, or on the go. All you need to create the perfect stackable burger are the right high-quality ingredients, just like the kind you find in robust, scalable unified communications solutions that also feature fully integrated, cloud-native contact center capabilities. With a flexible tech stack in hand, you, your customers, and your employees are in store for a truly delicious and satisfying summer.

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