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How UCaaS Improves Collaboration for Small Businesses

This article was published on June 9, 2024

For many small businesses, workforce expansion is essential to thrive. In fact, the Intuit Quickbooks Small Business Index 2023 Report uncovered a correlation between success and increases in headcount, whereas small businesses with fewer resources were less likely to survive.


It can be challenging to drive growth and remain agile with employees working from various locations. This makes maintaining a collaborative environment a must. Unified communications (UC) technology can help with features that improve collaboration, all in a single platform. Read on to learn more about how UC solutions can help your business.

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3 Core UC Capabilities for Collaboration

Most UC solutions offer a variety of features that help employees collaborate and easily communicate, whether they’re working remotely from home, on a hybrid schedule with office-days, or on the road and continuously working from different locations. Let’s dive into some of the key capabilities.

1. Video conferencing provides a virtual version of a “face-to-face” meeting and helps facilitate collaboration by allowing individuals and teams in dispersed locations to accomplish tasks together virtually. In-meeting features such as chat, presentation sharing, whiteboards, and roundtables allow attendees to view all the same information at once and have productive discussions. This makes video conferencing an effective solution for team meetings, brainstorms, training sessions, sales presentations, and more.

While video conferencing fuels internal employee meetings both small and large, it also facilitates external meetings with prospects, partners, and customers. Some UC solutions even make it as easy as sending a link to a person outside of the company to join a meeting, without them having to download any new software.

2. Team messaging enables employees to connect and exchange information instantly. Less formal than sending an email, this solution facilitates more quick and conversational interactions. It allows colleagues to collaborate by sharing critical news, images, or files. For instance, employees can easily send a reminder about a task that’s overdue, request a document review, provide a business update, or chat about a new project.

Employees can either chat one-on-one or use a group creation feature to message several people at once for streamlined communication through team messaging. In addition, features that provide confirmation when a message has been delivered or confirmation when a message has been seen are helpful assurances to the sender.

3. Shared business inbox allows multiple employees at a business to respond to customer inquiries or feedback across communication channels, such as text and social media messages. Customer expectations are higher than ever, and a slow response time or bad experience could result in a loss of business. According to the Vonage Global Customer Engagement Report 2024, 74% of surveyed customers are likely to take their business elsewhere after one negative experience. For this reason, having a system in place that allows employees to easily work together can also boost their ability to deliver quality customer communications.

A shared business inbox that’s connected to a company’s business phone number allows several employees or a team to access all incoming messages so they can collaborate before responding, decide who is best to answer, or provide coverage when someone is away from their device. This often leads to more personalized and faster customer support.

Why UC Matters for Collaboration

  • Scalability: UC solutions allow small businesses to scale while remaining agile. Video conferencing supports growth across locations while helping small businesses maintain flexible work environments – providing employees with a way to connect and collaborate virtually.

  • Efficiency: Team messaging streamlines collaboration, making it easier to check in on tasks, provide updates, and share documents quickly.

  • Better customer experience: Business inbox enables employees to work together to provide fast and pertinent responses to customers.

Having all of these UC collaboration capabilities in a single platform allows employees to pivot quickly to the most effective communication channel. For instance, if four employees are chatting in team messaging, and they decide the topic requires a more involved brainstorm, they can switch to a video conference call with just a click or two.

Getting Started

Choosing the right UC provider can help boost collaboration at your small business.

As part of the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform, Vonage Business Communications (VBC) can help your small business. Visit us online or connect with an expert today.

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