How Voice Broadcasting Is Santa’s Helper This Holiday Season

Even amid the rapidly growing use of SMS messaging, sometimes voice broadcasting can be the best option — maybe the only option — for communicating with certain customers. Most preschool children, for example, can’t read on their own, so if they want to contact Santa Claus before Christmas, they aren’t yet able to write a letter or an SMS message. But even a toddler can use the phone to speak with Old St. Nick, and businesses looking to make the most out of the holiday season can use IVR technology in the form of voice broadcasting to have Santa, or one of his helper elves, call the little tykes and record their holiday wish lists.

A number of organizations, including the Portable North Pole, already use the power of voice broadcasting, IVR technology, text-to-speech, and chatbots to call hopeful gift-recipients. Here’s a closer look at this creative holiday use case.

Voice Broadcasting for the Holidays

With toys and digital products for kids proliferating in recent years, it’s hard to know exactly what’s on trend this holiday season and where to find the perfect present for children. Voice broadcasting, though, can provide the perfect glimpse into a child’s wish list — and can help a business build brand loyalty through creative customer interaction.

It’s really quite simple to get a call from Santa or one of his elves. First, a customer visits a business’ website and inputs their phone number, email address, full name, and a date and time for the call. Then, a two-factor authentication (2FA) SMS is sent to the phone number with an authorization code. Once the customer enters the authorization code on the website, the call is scheduled for the desired time. With 2FA in place, parents can be sure that any information shared during the call remains protected.

At the scheduled time, one of Santa’s helpers calls and asks the little one want they want for Christmas. The squeaky, high-pitched elf voice is powered by text-to-speech, and the child’s audio responses are recorded by IVR. The text-to-speech technology can translate a pre-written or improvised script into a number of different languages and through several different voice inflections, reaching children from different cultures and communities. At the end of the call, Father Christmas sends the parents a hyperlink to a recording of the conversation via SMS, which can be shared with loved ones in preparation for the holidays.

Overall, it’s an easy and fun way to discover what Suzy or Billy really want for Christmas. After all, what kid would fib to Santa’s helper? That would surely put them on the naughty list.

Personalized Santa Messages

Whether they are meeting with Santa in person or over the phone, sometimes children are just too shy or too scared to talk directly with the big guy or his elves. If that’s the case, voice broadcasting enables guardians to set up a prerecorded phone call on a website by entering their phone number and opting to have Santa or a trustworthy elf call the number directly with a personalized message. This Santa call service is compatible with both smartphones and landline phones — perfect for taking a call at grandma and grandpa’s house.

For an even more multimedia-based customer experience, businesses can set up personalized video for parents to create for their child. Using pre-shot visual footage, parents can customize a Santa video with their child’s name, date of birth, picture, gender, and town. Located on a virtual media platform, the personalized Santa videos can be shared via SMS, and with the right SMS APIs in place, phone numbers can stay hidden to ensure information privacy. The business creates a secure and creative experience for their customers, while the family makes the most out of the spirit of the season.

Now Hear This

A ringing telephone is hard to ignore, and a call from Santa can quickly excite kids during the holiday season. When the call is personalized and recorded, kids get the thrill of speaking directly with Santa’s helpers, and parents can gather useful information for gift-giving. All the while, the business deploying the service ensures that their customers experience as much niceness and as little naughtiness as possible. If you’re looking to individualize engagement and improve ROI this holiday season, be sure to add voice broadcasting to your website.

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