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5 Reasons to Love Vonage AI Studio

This article was updated on November 10, 2023

Your customers call, they’re greeted by silence, and they hang up in anger. So perhaps an AI solution is the answer. But will the hoped-for simplicity and happy customers justify the huge staff and budget demands to get there? Have we got a solution for you. Welcome to personalized customer engagement — brought to you by Vonage AI Studio.

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So much to love

There are many reasons to bring AI into your solutions stack. And with the omnipresent demands of consumers, there’s no greater reason than elevating your customer engagement. That’s exactly where Vonage AI Studio can help.

Reason 1: Personalized customer experience

Customers may first contact a business by email, follow up by phone, and then finish with a text. And they fully expect you to follow along. It’s up to you to connect these omnichannel interactions in a frictionless manner.

This is where conversational AI — and Vonage AI Studio specifically — can help differentiate companies by delivering personalized customer experiences. The personalization starts with a 360-degree view of your customers — made possible through data integration with your CRM, contact center, and other analytics engines. Now AI Studio can link interactions with your customer database in real-time, minus the friction.

The personalized CX helps promote customer loyalty and drive better business decisions based on a more complete view of customer needs, intents, and sentiments.

Reason 2: Smarter than the average IVR

If every company races to establish or enhance their online and app experiences — how do you set your business apart?

Think of automated solutions, such as AI-powered self-service tools that are more intelligent and intuitive. Vonage AI Studio provides a better alternative to IVRs and simple bot interactions. You can create voice and messaging virtual agents powered by Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with drag and drop ease — perfect for developers and non-developers alike. These virtual agents:

  • Make for smarter interactions at scale
  • Leverage machine learning to work across more complex interactions in natural language, which helps self-service engagement and improves support KPIs

These interactions can then be easily aggregated to create omnichannel conversations to develop user context and insights. Vonage AI Studio makes elevated customer engagement easy to realize.

It’s no wonder Vonage was named a winner in the 2022-2023 Cloud Awards for the Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing. The award recognizes our advanced, proprietary NLU engine that combines with an omnichannel conversation flow builder.

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Reason 3: Low-code, no-code simplicity

Automation, cost savings, and happy customers should exist together. And did we mention full control, too? You can enjoy:


Build your voice or messaging virtual agents with our self-service option. You can leverage all things AI Studio — including omnichannel features, AI NLU capabilities, and third-party integrations — for complete control of your virtual agents. You can also reference tutorials, training, and templates during your implementation.

Self-service deployment + Vonage professional services

Need help with more complex use cases? Maybe you’re building automated omnichannel conversation flows to compile customer interactions. Or perhaps you need multiple virtual agents. Vonage AI Studio has a self-service deployment option with access to our professional services teams that can guide you through each step of the process. This includes the ability to deploy up to 100 virtual agents.

Reason 4: Deployment options tailored to your business

AI Studio is built on the proprietary Vonage AI engine. That’s only part of the offering. You also have access to a dedicated AI team — complete with expert conversation design engineers — that can design, develop, and maintain the solution to fit your business needs and how you engage with your customers. This fully managed option is ideal for business leaders seeking to elevate customer support objectives, but who may have limited IT resources to deploy it on their own.

Reason 5: Delivering a better ROI and more

While a chatbot can automate a number of routine and repetitive tasks, conversational AI applications such as Vonage AI Studio can provide self-service — across voice or messaging — with Natural Language Understanding that can auto-resolve more complex tasks (not to mention more of them).

Implementing self-service at this greater scale enables human agents to operate more efficiently. This can be especially valuable for small businesses and startups with limited resources.

Just as important, applications like Vonage AI Studio can be a key element of a business growth plan — for example:

Elevate customer support

By auto-resolving at a greater scale, you promote more positive customer outcomes that can translate to customer loyalty. Then, when you integrate real-time interactions with your customer database and analytics tools, you have a more complete view of your customers to further personalize their journey with you.

Automate sales and marketing outreach to potential customers

AI-powered virtual agents — that can interact through natural language processing and sentiment analysis — are an invaluable tool in your lead conversion efforts.

Personalized customer engagement

Vonage AI Studio helps you further personalize the level of engagement you have with your customers. The AI-powered automation offers self-service on the channels customers prefer to use, which serves as an extension and elevation of your brand experience.

There’s further personalization when you can integrate your contact center, CRM, and analytics tools to have a more complete view of customer needs and sentiments. These all help you drive better business decisions in the process.

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By Steven Giuffre Senior Manager, Vonage APIs

Steven Giuffre is a Senior Manager for Vonage APIs. He leverages his Conversational AI and Voice expertise to promote personalized communications across channels for brands to deliver richer conversations and context to their customers. Steven lives in Los Angeles, where he enjoys beach life, films of most genres, Rams football, and his dog, Roxy.

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