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Making 'em Happy and Productive: SMBs Leverage UCaaS to Outperform Competitors

This article was updated on March 6, 2024

Look around a small or medium-sized business (SMB) using unified communications as a service (UCaaS), and you’ll see smiles ...

Illustration of happy employees connecting and collaborating using a variety of communications methods

You’ll see team members staying in a state of flow. In the zone. 

Swapping messages while joyfully moving from task to task without interruption.

Interacting with colleagues two feet, two miles, or two hemispheres away. Staying on the same page. Breaking down the silos that used to turn work into drudgery.

Colleagues happily updating group chats with lean media like spreadsheets and rich media like video files.

What Kind of Business Communications?

At an SMB like this? Immediate, quick, and effective business communications.

Business communications whose adoption and learning curve among the entire team — not just some of the team — were immediate, quick, and effective, too.

Instant messages to and from colleagues’ computers and mobile devices. Or to and from customers’ SMS and Facebook accounts. Call queues that keep customers and employees in good spirits during high call volumes. Easy scalability that makes onboarding a new employee a pleasure instead of a chore.

But for a competitor’s on-premises PBX, each of these features struggles to turn frowns upside down.

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A Half-Dozen and One Ways SMBs Use UCaaS to Beat Out Competitors
A unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform lets the small or medium-sized business (SMB) team work anywhere without skimping on communications. And that’s something their competitors without a UCaaS platform just can’t do.

UCaaS Doesn’t Struggle This Way

Because it’s in the cloud. And it’s important to understand what that means.

Go back 10 years. Business communications was mostly on-premises PBX. The SMB’s competitor used it and the SMB used it. Moving communications to the cloud took resources and expertise neither had.

But UCaaS has come a long way. And the employee-satisfaction lessons SMBs have learned — and the competitive advantage UCaaS has created — are why, today, UCaaS is the standard.

What Kind of Employee-Satisfaction Lessons?

UCaaS pops a window on the employee’s screen — within the productivity app — at the start of a call. Who’s calling? What were previous calls about? The screen pop shows it all instantly.

That’s one lesson: UCaaS integrates where employees live all day: productivity applications. Salesforce? Bullhorn? Clio? Office 365? G Suite? UCaaS makes a team happy to spend time in them.

The customer doesn’t have to repeat themselves. The employee doesn’t have to ask. 

They both don’t have to sigh. And they both can enjoy that moment anywhere, on any device — something that’s not possible for the competitor with on-premises PBX.

That’s another lesson: UCaaS improves engagements between customers and employees.

It takes more than a good product or service to drive brand loyalty. It takes a customer/employee rapport that — in the age of the hybrid work model — only UCaaS can foster.

It’s a small touch that gets the conversation off on the right foot.

And It’s Appreciated by the Customer 

… and by the employee, too. 

But in a different way altogether. A way the customer probably won’t realize.

It’s the way UCaaS preserves the joy of the conversation and keeps the employee motivated to pay it forward to the next caller.

Once you recognize the boon that this one simple thing is to sales and opportunities, you have … 

A Solution That’s an Open-and-Shut Success.

A solution that opens up the customer’s brand loyalty and shuts down the employee’s drift toward disengagement.

So even if the SMB never uses more than a fraction of UCaaS’s dozens of features, every one of its users — employees and customers alike — can thank it for the smiles they’ll feel over the line.

Smiles that come when everyone stays in a flow state. In the zone.

Which makes UCaaS more than just a tool for truly great business communications.

It’s a tool for truly great business, period.

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