Marc Benioff… I’d Like to Chat

Hello. My name’s Tom Furr and I’m Head of Brand for NewVoiceMedia. And today, I’m excited to bring you, CONVO — our brand-new magazine about the art of great conversations. It’s got interviews, it’s got features and it’s got some meaty questions to really get you thinking.

But, before I tell you what you’ve got to look forward to, I’ve got a request. Marc Benioff, if you’re out there, I’d like to chat. And if anyone knows Marc Benioff (he’s the founder and co-CEO of Salesforce), let him know. We’d love to stick him on the cover of the next issue and find out the five conversations that changed his life. So, if he’s your boss, if you’ve collaborated with him in the past, or even if you cut his hair once in a while — do us a favour and let him know…

But back to the issue in hand. This summer, I called my brother in London and told him I wanted to create a magazine that explored and celebrated great conversations. It turned into a great conversation itself and he, an art director for a magazine, had a lot of ideas that you’ll see we brought to life.

NewVoiceMedia is on a mission to help companies and the people who populate them, one conversation at a time. CONVO is just one way we’re hoping to help. Through our cloud contact center we want to make people’s personalities shine through, get people having engaging conversations and help create memorable, meaningful and profitable interactions. We want people to walk away smiling, or to hang up happy.

And how are we doing that in the magazine? By meeting and greeting some of the most pioneering people in CX — and exploring some of the tech that is making the biggest leaps and we kick off our coverage with a husband and wife comedy duo reviewing the best headsets you can buy.

Data, too, is an important part of these interactions — especially for businesses who are starting to realise that it’s not all about getting people off the phone as quickly as possible. As such, with the help of a behavioural strategist, we also try to untangle the knotty question: What makes people tick?

And then there are the people who make these conversations possible. From our cover story, for which we visited the ladies who work a successful call center in a Arizona prison, to a series of brief conversations in which we coaxed out insights from interesting people, I’d like to thank everyone who helped make our inaugural issue such a stormer — most of all our CEO, Dennis, for giving such wonderful illustrators, photographers, writers and thinkers control over the project.

So, if you’re just looking for a good read, we hope you’ll enjoy CONVO. If you’re looking for some real answers, we hope you’ll find those in here, too.

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Oh, and Marc Benioff, I’ll be waiting for your email.

Written by Vonage Staff

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