Nexmo Welcomes TokBox to the Vonage Family

We’re excited to welcome TokBox, the industry leader in WebRTC video APIs, to the Vonage family. In case you missed the news, earlier today we announced that Vonage has acquired San Francisco based TokBox, and we are looking forward to working with the team to create powerful programmable communications solutions for our customers.

We believe in the promise of video to create more personal and interactive communication experiences. Whether to enable more intimate connections with customers, or to empower remote learners to interact with teachers, or to connect patients with doctors, the number of use cases is virtually unlimited.

For more on this exciting news, please check out the post from Omar Javaid, our Chief Product Officer.

Glen Kunene
Glen Kunene Editor-in-Chief

Glen Kunene works with a team of talented storytellers to educate product managers and developers about the power of programmable communications to transform how brands interact with their customers. He has been a professional chronicler of technology and business in the Silicon Valley since the pre-iPhone era. When he's not enjoying time with his family, he is training for his next road race or making excuses to avoid it.

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