Online Dating: Beyond the First Connection with Communications APIs

In many ways, dating hasn't changed much. You chat over the phone. Maybe trade a few texts. And of course, go back and forth about where to meet and what do on the first date. All that as the nerves grow before you actually meet…

…and did we mention that this now happens over an app without sharing any personal data?

Communications APIs for the Dating Scene

You're the modern day matchmaker with a nod to the old school. You make sure the couple is compatible, arrange the introduction, and let them take over. So when it comes to dating—that first connection can make or break a couple. And after the first date? Relationships grow over time, and ideally some of that growth will continue to happen within your app.

That's why you need to add communications APIs—such as those from Nexmo, the Vonage API platform—to your workflow. These tools help you build and maintain a safe, thriving, and engaging dating community. And your users enjoy these API-built features right from their mobile device.

Want proof? Let's follow the path of Sally, a new user:

Identify Yourself

Sally registers through your site and receives a two-factor authentication (2FA) request. This includes a single-use code sent by SMS, voice, or push notification. Sally enters the code and is validated. For her, the process was easy. For you, validating new users—across mailing address and phone number—greatly mitigates the risk potential, particularly in the areas of privacy, security, and safety. Sally can rest assured that any potential suitors she meets have been verified, as well. Providing confidence that people are who they say they are is the first hurdle to engaging a new user.

Connect on All Platforms

Since Sally received the 2FA request over her smartphone, she immediately migrated from desktop to mobile user. The process was seamless and secure—and extended the breadth and depth of your service. Now Sally can use your platform whenever and wherever she likes.

And she'll have options, because the power of APIs means she can receive alerts through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. For you, this means you have multiple ways to communicate with your users, and they'll keep coming back because you're meeting them where they are.

Keep the Connection Private

Even though Sally is a power user over desktop and mobile—she doesn't have to connect to either, if she prefers one of her existing messaging platforms. Furthermore, she can text and call other users directly from your app, without sharing her personal phone number. Both parties can feel secure and safe in their communications knowing their personal phone numbers are hidden.

Put a Face to the Name

Sally is more than ready to dip her toe into the dating waters. In fact, she conducts her own form of speed dating with video—as she virtually meets and engages with other users through secure, private video chats.

If you can offer your users this live video experience, you're giving them just one more way to vet their dates before they meet in person. And Sally can control who she does and doesn't video chat with, putting her in the driver's seat and once again giving her that sense of safety.

Host a Live Event with Automated Support

Sally feels like she's part of a greater community. And much of that comes from the on-demand support she loves with private live video sessions within the mobile and web apps. This allows her to learn more about your service, receive live coaching, and take in a better experience. And Sally can even receive coaching through automated, AI-based speech interfaces.

Ready to Connect?

Isn't it great? You can still make that first connection. But now, you can do so in a way that works best for your users. And beyond that first connection, you can keep your users safe, engaged, and active over time. Of course, your users may find that the new way of dating—through your app—is so efficient, it actually gives more time for those first-date butterflies to grow, and removes the anxiety that comes with the unknown.

Get Started

Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, is a global cloud API platform enabling end-to-end communications to be quickly and easily embedded into mobile and web dating applications.

Dating is all about good communication! So use communications within your dating apps to increase user engagement and satisfaction while lowering costs by automating notifications, security, and support processes.

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