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Powering MarTech with Voice Data: Nexmo Partners with LiveRamp to Change the Industry

We’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership with LiveRamp, the leading identity resolution and data onboarding technology for the Marketing and Advertising industries. LiveRamp integrates with over 500 of the biggest marketing technology platforms, agencies, and data providers, empowering marketers to resolve data from various sources to individually target customers with whatever martech tools they’re using.

LiveRamp’s product IdentityLink ties large quantities of data from lots of sources back to individual people, threading conversations together to form a full picture of the end customer. With IdentityLink, each customer gets a unique ID code that identifies them as an individual, no matter what channel they’re using to engage.This enables marketing teams to offer true, people-based omnichannel experiences.

Historically, these channels have been limited to digital interactions—chat, email, social media, etc., but data from phone number-linked communication (such as SMS and voice calls) are often siloed, separate from these digital points of contact. This means marketing teams typically cannot leverage the data gleaned from phone calls or text messages, a huge missed opportunity and a major gap in a brand’s ability to serve each customer as an individual. This partnership with LiveRamp and Nexmo bridges that gap.

Why Should Marketers Care About Voice?

Consumers are increasingly using voice instead of typing text in their daily lives in the form of voice activation, voice assistants, and voice bots to initiate the customer support experience. Marketers, then, should view voice not as an afterthought but as a key aspect in the customer journey. The voice experience should be optimized in the same way the online experience is, by providing personalized choices tailored to the individual.

People place phone calls and begin conversations because they’re already part way through the research phase of the buying journey and thus somewhat down the funnel. That means at the moment of engagement/in a conversation there is a unique opportunity to drive meaningful business growth by having better conversations tailored around what prospects and customers want to talk about.

Voice traffic also provides valuable insight into the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns and messaging. A/B testing with call tracking tools that are easy to use and offer clear analytics into call traffic, sentiment analysis, and real-time transcription all aid in retaining the context of an individual’s ongoing conversation with a company and improve the measurement and effectiveness of your overall customer experience.

Voice can also be used in a number of ways beyond simple phone calls. Virtual agents can converse in humanlike language with customers, real-time translation can make every customer feel local no matter where they are, and modern, intelligent IVRs that will always connect callers with the correct party the first time.

LiveRamp allows businesses to bring data in from multiple sources, identify the individual customer that data belongs to, and better target prospects, understand customers, and personalize conversations. The API integration with Nexmo adds that valuable voice and phone-number data into the database that LiveRamp can curate, enabling even more personalized customer conversations and better understanding of the end consumer.

A Fully Omnichannel Experience

A marketer who wants to truly own the full brand experience/omnichannel journey needs to control not only the digital experience, but also the call experience, the messaging experience, and the physical brick and mortar experience. Up until now, the conversation experience has been extremely tough to analyze and manage, but with the emergence of AI, cloud contact systems, messaging platforms, and programmatic voice, suddenly the world of conversation is far more accessible to the entire organization. Put simply, conversations can now be a part of digital transformation.

With LiveRamp and Nexmo, voice calls are now an accessible data source within the omnichannel customer journey instead of being a siloed part of the customer conversation. Marketers can now have visibility and insight into how and when customers choose to interact via their phones and leverage those insights for more meaningful interactions.

If we want to have truly great conversations we need to understand the whole customer: who they are, what their household looks like, where they might have seen our brand in the past, the context of why they are calling, and so on. The more we understand this level of data, more of which is accessible through the LiveRamp and Nexmo partnership, the more effectively brands can serve customers today and in the future.

There’s More to Come

This only the beginning for Nexmo and LiveRamp. It starts with phone numbers and SMS, and soon we’ll add the ability to feed Voice data from voice activated assistants, voice bots to initiate customer support experience, and voice activated services—responding quickly to the evolving landscape of the customer experience, one that relies more and more on voice interactions.

Welcome to the Nexmo Connect family, LiveRamp!

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