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Quantum AI Health, AWS, and Vonage Bring the Future of Healthcare Documentation

This article was updated on April 12, 2024

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Modern medicine can do so much, just like modern technology. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthcare-related documentation and admin — such as during virtual visits — modern efficiencies step aside for the manual and time-consuming ways. What if there was a solution that could integrate into telehealth platforms and remove the documentation burden? Enter Telehealth Ambient Scribe — a unique collaboration with Quantum AI Health, AWS, and Vonage.

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Manual documentation benefits no one

The time demands of manual documentation detract from providing quality patient care. Just as worrisome, the need for accurate and timely transcription of patient-doctor interactions has become a significant pain point. These requirements have reduced efficiency, increased risk of errors in medical records, and contributed to rising healthcare professional burnout.

In fact, Gartner Research, in its Innovation Insight: Ambient Digital Scribes Reduce Clinical Documentation Burden, indicates that, “Clinician burnout is a severe and widespread problem in healthcare, exacerbated by a range of factors, including electronic health record usability and clinical documentation burden.”

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AI and LLMs for the front office

Telehealth Ambient Scribe from Quantum AI Health brings the power of conversational AI and large language models to the front office. The solution automatically transcribes and documents virtual patient visits in real-time.

Achieving this medical marvel is no easy feat. That’s why Quantum AI Health uses AWS to ensure that Telehealth Ambient Scribe is scalable and customizable — and it’s all powered by Vonage Communications APIs:

  • AWS enables conversational AI capabilities through its Amazon Transcribe Medical automatic speech recognition service.
  • AWS HealthScribe uses generative AI to automatically transcribe patient visits, generate preliminary clinical notes, and extract insights. These features help clinicians to quickly revisit highlights of their patient visits and easily accept, reject, or edit content suggestions.
  • Vonage Video API, with Audio Connector, extends the automation in any audio environment — such as a mobile call or web interface — to provide a convenient and accessible solution across devices. Features like automatic speech recognition and voice transcription bring clarity in any audio condition (even noisy or staticky settings).

Telehealth Ambient Scribe benefits everyone

Telehealth Ambient Scribe eliminates the need for manual documentation, ensures accurate and detailed medical records, and allows healthcare professionals to prioritize patient interaction over paperwork.

Moving beyond paper also contributes to a healthier and more sustainable healthcare environment for both professionals and patients alike. That’s because:

  • An automated, AI-powered scribe solution saves money and delivers high-quality and consistent documentation in real-time. 
  • AI-generated medical notes and ICD-10 billing codes are completed and ready for review within seconds after the exam.
  • Physicians spend nearly half of their clinic day on EHR and desk work — and only 27% in direct face time with patients. (Source: Journal of Primary Care & Community Health.)
  • AMA President, Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, has noted AI benefits: “It is clear to me that AI will never replace physicians — but physicians who use AI will replace those who don't.” (Source: Becker’s Hospital Review.)
  • Patients enjoy improved interactions — including consistently clear and accurate post-appointment notes — which can generate a more positive healthcare experience and increase patient satisfaction.

Telehealth Ambient Scribe integrates with Epic, Oracle Cerner, Practice Fusion, and athenahealth. And it works on mobile devices, with no special hardware or microphones needed.


Ready to stop the paper chase?

Start with the Vonage team and explore the power of Quantum AI Health, AWS, and Vonage Communications APIs.

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