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Top 5 Ways AI In Contact Centers Can Improve Revenue

This article was published on June 13, 2024

AI technology has found a natural home in the service side of modern contact centers, improving productivity with capabilities like call summarization, knowledge lookups, and next best action. But what about using AI to generate more revenue? Enhancing your contact center with AI technology can significantly automate the sales process, improve productivity, and help customer experiences on their journey to a purchase. Read on to learn how AI can help improve your sales revenue.

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5 AI Use Cases for Revenue Generation

Let’s dive into the top five use cases of AI as a revenue driver in contact centers.

1. Personalized digital engagement: AI can be used to help reach more targeted prospects across channels and devices. Powered by generative AI, omnichannel campaigns can be created to reach customers in their favorite channels and encourage responses. Sales leads can then be connected to a CRM (customer relationship management) tool for tracking and ongoing personalized outreach.

2. Self-service sales: AI-powered virtual assistants can be used to handle straightforward transactional sales, and even promote efficient automatic customer onboarding. This frees up resources for increased outbound selling.

3. Before the sales interaction: AI can enhance or completely replace the traditional IVR (interactive voice response) that customers face when making inbound sales calls. Customer calls can be automatically routed, using AI to identify the correct representative or agent with the best skills to close the sale.

4. During the sales interaction: The use of real-time speech analytics is growing fast, and can be used to increase sales revenue by suggesting knowledge-based articles and next-best actions, helping the representative to optimize the customer journey, and working toward a closed sale.

5. After the sales interaction: Speech analytics transcribes calls using machine learning, and uses AI to automatically generate targeted insights based on representative and customer conversations. It can even identify customer sentiment during the interaction, guiding the agent and supervisor on the best ways to advance the journey.

The Benefits of AI on Revenue

Sales leaders are increasingly challenged to generate more with less across their organizations. This is where AI can come in to benefit revenue generation. It can complement and enhance each stage of the customer journey, ensuring quality experiences that can lead to purchase and long-term loyalty. Automating processes, enhancing agent capabilities, and providing insights are just some of the benefits AI offers on improving revenue.

How Can Vonage Help?

With the Vonage Contact Center, quality customer experience is front and center. AI is built into our platform, seamlessly melding human and virtual agent capabilities and helping enhance business communications to deliver optimal customer interactions.

To learn more, explore Vonage Contact Center AI capabilities and see how customers like Interaktive are supporting two-way customer interactions with our AI Studio.

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