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How InfoCert Uses Vonage to Lead the Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Using Vonage’s live video platform, InfoCert has created Trusted Onboarding Platform (TOP), a video onboarding solution that combines an innovative, digital customer experience with the security and reliability InfoCert is known for.

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As an expert in leading digital transformation for its clients, InfoCert had to tackle the problem of time- and resource-intensive digital identity processes into the digital age.


Vonage Video API


Using the Vonage Video API, InfoCert created Trusted Onboarding Platform (TOP), a video onboarding solution that improves customer experience, increases ROI, and reduces fraud.
Leading Digital Transformations for Customer Experience

InfoCert is a leading company in the field of digital transformation, providing secure, trustworthy and innovative technology to its customers on their path to a more sustainable future.

Using Vonage Video API,  InfoCert have created TOP Trusted Onboarding Platform, a video onboarding solution which combines an innovative, digital customer experience with the security and reliability which InfoCert is known for.

Combining Innovative Ideas With Security and Reliability

In recent years, digital transformation has become a must for companies looking to keep up to date in the digital world. However, despite a lot of progress, one area continues to be dominated by traditional technology: legally binding contracts are still overwhelmingly delivered physically by printing on paper.

Not only are these traditional processes time and resource heavy, they are also vulnerable to fraud and to physical documents being lost. On top of this, the customer experience doesn’t match the expectations of digital savvy consumers, who are often required to be physically present in a bank branch at a designated time and place, rather than being able to operate remotely from their device at the time and place most convenient to them.

As an expert in leading digital transformation for its clients, InfoCert knew that it had to tackle the problem of digital identity in order to bring all work processes into the digital age.

Why Vonage

InfoCert needed a secure and reliable video platform which would allow them to innovate in this important area. Vonage’s secure and reliable video platform was the perfect fit for TOP Trusted Onboarding Platform, as not only are the communications completely secure, but the Vonage archiving feature allows all parts of a video session to be recorded and cross-referenced at a later date to reduce fraud.

By integrating Vonage’s live video capabilities into the TOP Trusted Onboarding Platform, InfoCert are able to provide a complete onboarding solution which solves the problem of physical, printed documents. Vonage’s secure archiving feature is crucial for institutions to be able to comply with strict regulations and the video quality of the Vonage Video API platform means that end customers have a great experience, even from their own home.

The Results

TOP Trusted Onboarding Platform with the Vonage live video platform is changing the way that banks and other businesses across Europe are approaching the onboarding process for new customers.

InfoCert is no stranger to regulation in the financial services sector, but thanks to the fully compliant solution it counts over 50 European banking institutions among its customers, together with the European Commission.

A study by Forrester, one of the top market research company worldwide found that by implementing the TOP solution, banks could increase the number of customers signed by 30%, reduce fraud risk by 84% and have a return on investment of 174%.

Banks are able to live up to the expectations of digital-first customers, while enhancing their protection against fraud and missing documents. Their customers love the convenience of being able to carry out important transactions from a place and device that’s easy for them.

"Using the Vonage Video API has allowed us to create a secure, reliable video onboarding solution which is already transforming the way businesses across Europe interact with customers"

Daniele Citterio, InfoCert

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