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Inside Global Drives Sales for Leading Global Tech Brands With Vonage

With a global network of over one million contacts, Inside Global delivers intelligent client relationship building systems which use data to improve targeting, customer experience and sales success. Vonage Contact Center's fantastic integration with Salesforce was critical and provided the data and insight needed to drive growth.

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How to improve outbound-calling effectiveness for Inside Global's team of 60 agents — previous contact center technology didn't integrate well with Salesforce, and reporting was poor


Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce


Within months, Vonage Contact Center made a massive improvement on the legacy system. Implementation was swift and well-planned.

Contact Center Performance and Productivity the Way it Should Be

Data and insights enabling management to drive performance — The Vonage-Salesforce combo provides valuable insights into calling strategy, contact receptiveness and outbound timing and an amazing 11% uplift in call engagement. Says Jonny Hewerdine, head of operations for Inside Global, “Overall, Vonage has given us more intelligent and insightful data to plan activity for clients better, allowing agent time to be used more effectively.”

Reporting is vastly improved — Reports are now available in real time covering numbers of calls made, how many calls connected, how many calls were the right sort of conversations, how many calls lead to meetings and when is the best time to contact. The better reporting is of real value for Inside Global and means they can provider better insight to clients as well.

Productivity leaps by 10% in just two months — The integration with Salesforce has raised productivity by 10%. Vonage gives agents a click-to-call facility that saves 100% on manual dialing. Data fields previously written manually are now mostly done automatically, saving more time in wrap up.

Employee engagement and performance increase — Jonny explains, “The quality of our sales team is improving as we can train more effectively using instantly accessible call recordings which capture all elements of the call—whisper, notes, who was listening, and more.” Agents like the ability to listen to their own calls straight away, and it increases their engagement.

Disaster recovery secured — The reliability of the Vonage and Salesforce infrastructure is much better than the legacy system. If there are problems with the network infrastructure, Vonage can be switched across to a different service to ensure the Inside Global Sales team can continue to work for clients.

Ready for Inside Global’s fast growth — The success of Inside Global is impressive. Keeping its London base, new offices will be opened in the North of England and Europe in 2019, leading to a doubling in the number of agents. Cloud based Vonage can facilitate this expansion easily. Plus, they are now expanding even further with their new Liverpool office.

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“The sophistication of the Vonage Contact Center platform stood out compared to others we considered. After only a few months the Vonage system has proved to be a massive improvement on the legacy system. The implementation was swift and well planned. I can’t praise the team highly enough."
- Jonathan Hewerdine, Head of Operations, Inside Global
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