Want a Real Edge in Customer Engagement? It's All About Advanced CPaaS

A new global study conducted by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Vonage, shows that companies who choose an advanced CPaaS platform over complex, individual APIs are vastly more capable of improving customer experience and increasing revenue.

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Stylized illustration of API features. A figure on a computer screen to represent video chat. A cloud with API icon to represent cloud communications. A figure walking with a mobile phone near an office to represent mobility. And mobile phone screen with messages and email speech bubbles.
Not all Communications APIs are created equal

Companies with CPaaS are much more effective at getting customers the information they want (98%) than non-CPaaS users (37%)

To enable communication where, when, and how customers want, companies are relying on an advanced Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS—a complete cloud-based application platform that has more extensive communications capabilities, robust conversation services, multiple APIs, use case–specific APIs, monitoring and management capabilities, low-code development tools, a global carrier network, and an extensive library of sample applications. 

image depicts customer frustrations when a contact center has no record or context of previous conversations
Advanced CPaaS solves key technical issues

94% of non-CPaaS users say the ability to send secure messages is very or extremely challenging, while only 31% of CPaaS users agree

CPaaS sets companies on an entirely different playing field than their non-CPaaS counterparts.

Stylized illustration of globe featuring oversized figures with mobile phones and speech bubbles representing different API communications such as; video, voice, and SMS
Digital transformation is a top priority

While only 17% of CPaaS users are already working with an advanced CPaaS vendor, this number is growing—fast

Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, customer expectations for digital engagement have changed for good. While not yet widely adopted, many organizations are considering or have plans to adopt advanced CPaaS solutions to meet growing CX demands. 

Man video chatting on his laptop with another individual

"This study confirms what we have already begun to see take shape with the adoption of advanced CPaaS capabilities. Businesses are expanding upon the benefits of programmable capabilities to unlock creative and unique use cases that truly deliver an unprecedented customer experience, moving from transactional interactions to true engagement."

Joy Corso Chief Marketing Officer, Vonage

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Discover how companies that choose an advanced CPaaS platform are removing barriers to CX success. Dig into the key findings:

  • CPaaS enables communication where, when, and how customers want. 
  • Technical and business challenges prohibit agility for non-CPaaS users.  
  • Advanced CPaaS solutions propel organizations in their customer engagement journey. 
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