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How to Move Communications to the Cloud

Written by Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research, this whitepaper offers practical advice for IT and business leaders who are making strategic decisions about their communications platforms.

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Winners and losers in the digital era will be determined by the transformation of employee and customer experiences.

The winners will be those who are highly agile and adapable to change, and the quality of communications tools used by an organization can have a huge impact on its ability to gain agility.


In this whitepaper, you'll learn:

  • Why communications are a key part of digital transformation, and what comprises "communications" for the modern enterprise

  • Why the timing is ripe for cloud migration, as legacy on-premises tools were designed for a world that no longer exists

  • The key criteria and best practices for choosing the right cloud communications provider for your company

  • Whether your business would benefit most from a single cloud provider vs. a multiple cloud model

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The quality of interactions between your employees and your customers is crucial to being a winner in the digital era, and communications is at the core of improving this engagement. 

If you're rethinking your communications strategies, migrating to the cloud is mandatory for your success.  Get expert insights and recommendations on how to migrate succesfully with How to Move Communications to the Cloud. 

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