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How Vonage Premier for Service Cloud Voice Delivers an Omnichannel Experience

Learn how digital and voice channels combine to benefit customers and colleagues

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Omnichannel: Your CX, bottom-line, efficiency boost

Customers like to contact businesses on their preferred channel and schedule — without repeating themselves. And businesses like customers to be loyal and spend more. Is this possible? Yes, and it starts with Vonage Premier for Service Cloud Voice.

  • Customer benefits: Complement digital channels — such as webchat or WhatsApp — with a powerful and dedicated voice channel solution, rather than simply integrating voice into Salesforce.

  • Agent benefits: Enable agents to take interactions only from within Salesforce, instead of a separate desktop application. This integrated experience helps agents reference Salesforce context in one place to provide a better CX.

  • Back-office benefits: Future-proof your business with an integrated UC and CC solution, so that all of your groups can collaborate and contribute to building long-lasting experiences for your customers and employees.

Thanks to Vonage and Salesforce, you can serve customers through the powerful digital channels that Salesforce provides — and add voice with the single Salesforce UI, agent experience, routing, and reporting models.

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Explore the power of Vonage Premier for Service Cloud Voice and enhance your omnichannel experience. Download the whitepaper to learn how Vonage:

  • Removes barriers to communication and friction when customers want to contact you

  • Routes Salesforce channels through external routing alongside voice

  • Provides configurable capacity across media types, for agents or whole accounts, giving flexibility to supervisors to meet customer needs

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