Contact center security

When customers are anxious about your security measures, they’re less likely to purchase your goods and services. With the Vonage PCI DSS solution, you can easily process credit card information over the phone—and with full PCI DSS compliance.
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Maintaining PCI compliance with Vonage


Vonage Contact Center HIPAA Certificate

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Vonage Contact Center PCI DSS Certificate

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Information Security Management System ISO 27001 Certified

Vonage Contact Center ISO 27001 Certificate

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Contact center security features

At every stage we want to ensure and justify our customers’ trust in us to carefully handle their data and interactions.
  • PCI DSS compliance: The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a mandatory requirement for all merchants accepting card payments over the telephone to ensure customer details are not compromised
  • ISO 27001: This information security management system (ISMS) standard brings information security under management control
  • HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 is U.S. legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information
  • SOC 2 Type 2: Service Organization Control 2 Type II certification is an annual process of reporting how well a service organization abides by certain standards in the control of its customers’ information
  • Salesforce Shield allows encryption of specific fields within Salesforce orgs. VCC now supports Shield encryption for fields that use the deterministic encryption type, delivering the security Salesforce Shield provides alongside the rich feature set of VCC.

Payment security standards


Use our PCI-compliant solution to comply with credit card security standards while making payment transactions fast and frictionless. Our solution expedites credit card transactions while keeping sensitive credit card information away from the contact center. We partner with PCI Pal, a leading provider of PCI DSS compliant solutions and provide full support for PCI Pal Agent Assist, PCI Pal IVR and PCI Pal Digital. Requirements include:

  • Building and maintaining a secure network
  • Protecting cardholder data
  • Maintaining a vulnerability management program
  • Regularly monitoring and testing networks
  • Implementing strong access control measures
  • Maintaining a company-wide information security policy
Vonage security & compliance

Compliance friendly

Minimal effort to achieve PCI compliance with all payment providers, while avoiding the expense and effort of developing your own integrated solution.

Customer friendly

Via a telephone keypad, the customer enters the card details which— as a monotone beeps—appear masked as asterisks in the agent console and prevent the details from reaching the contact center.

Agent friendly

The system conceals customer credit card details from the agent, who can remain within your CRM while they speak with the customer and monitor their progress.