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AI Virtual Assistant

Handle high call volumes, eliminate long wait times, capture customer insights, and more with this conversational AI-driven feature.

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What is an AI Virtual Assistant?

The Vonage AI Virtual Assistant uses conversational AI to allow you to create a new digital workforce that augments your human team. It has the ability to answer every customer immediately, facilitate a conversation to understand their needs, and execute the appropriate action. Voice-enabled self-service and routing capabilities free up your employees to focus on their core competencies.

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How Does AI Virtual Assistant work?

The complete AI Virtual package includes set-up, monitoring, speech recognition, and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). AI Virtual Assistant uses NLU to understand the caller’s intent and more intelligently navigate callers to the appropriate destination.

  • This highly customized solution is tailor-made for your business.

  • You are assigned a conversational designer, as this is a high-touch managed service both pre- and post-sale.

  • Every project goes through scoping and sizing.


AI Virtual Assistant from Vonage

Today's customers are comfortable using virtual assistants to learn more about products and services. Here are some of the benefits your company can enjoy:

  • Reduce hold times for a live person 24/365 when customers need quick answers or actions in real time.

  • Deliver fast, personalized answers to simple customer inquiries, ensuring that high volumes of inbound calls are addressed during peak business hours or busy seasonal periods.

  • Ensure confidentiality as no live agents are involved in the automated transcription process.

  • Offer self-service interactions to engage every caller in natural language.

  • Easily deploy new scripts and make changes in real time.

  • Improve customer engagement by capturing insights that result from the verbal cues initiated by AI Virtual Assistant itself.

  • Optimize CX by using AI to find meaning in words, speech, and context, and respond more efficiently.

  • Generate highly personalized messages at a scale that can’t be matched by humans.

  • Use the intuitive AI Design Studio app for set-up and management.

How you can use AI Virtual Assistant

AI Virtual Assistant has the capabilities to address a variety of common use cases, including:

  • Seeking an expert — The AI Virtual Assistant can determine whether the caller needs to speak to a Tier 1 agent, a knowledge expert, or another chatbot designed to help their special problem.

  • Outbound phone campaigns —  When performing a survey, qualifying leads, or executing a recall, the most efficient and scalable way to carry it out is via a discreet and tactful virtual representative.

  • Phone operation business continuity — An AI Virtual Assistant can handle calls in high volumes during emergencies and disasters during peak inbound calling periods.

  • Concierge or receptionist — You can automate the process of answering questions from inbound callers with a dedicated “person” that responds immediately at scale to eliminate long call queues.

  • Routing calls — Voice-driven IVRs using automated speech recognition understand the customer’s problems in their own language in order to answer their questions quickly and efficiently.

Range of features, easy set up

“I loved that they had a range of add-ons and features (Business Inbox is great!) that my enterprise call center needed! They also had one-on-one account set up professionals to walk me through exactly how to set up the system to do exactly what my team needed!”

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Still have questions about Vonage AI Virtual Assistant?

This is a high-touch managed service both pre- and post-sale. You are assigned a conversational designer, and every project goes through scoping and sizing.

No, they are similar but have some differences. Chatbots are usually rules-based systems that have limited natural language processing and artificial intelligence capabilities.They are most commonly used to automate repetitive tasks like responding to frequent customer inquiries. Intelligent virtual assistants are more sophisticated and can handle the majority of customer interactions.

Yes. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), these intelligent tools can understand and respond in multiple languages.

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