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Call Flip

Call Flip allows you to seamlessly transfer calls from mobile to desk, or desk to mobile, so you never drop a conversation.

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What is Call Flip?

With Call Flip, you can transfer a call answered on your mobile phone to your deskphone or desktop app to your mobile phone. And the call flip is seamless, so the person you’re speaking with doesn’t know you switched devices.


Call Flip from Vonage

Call flip is a standard Vonage Business VoIP feature and is included with all plans.  

  • Seamless — You can flip a call in mere seconds from your desk to your mobile (or vice-versa) in the middle of a call. The caller will be unaware of the flip.

  • Connected — Call Flip enables employees to stay connected without interruption to the customer, even as the employee is switching between phones or devices.

  • Dynamic — Call Flip keeps employees flexible and able to go mobile, even if they’re in the middle of an important conversation.


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How Vonage can help

Vonage offers cutting-edge unified communications technology that businesses around the world rely on every day. Features like Call Flip give your on-the-go employees the ability to stay seamlessly connected with customers, no matter where the employees are working or where the customers are located. For example, if the employee is in the VBC app and starts a call in their car, they can transfer the ongoing call to their desktop phone when they arrive at the office. The result? Superior customer experience that builds loyalty and boosts your bottom line.

Great for work related calls!

"I am extremely impressed with the flexibility Vonage offers. The ability to take calls on my phone, at my desk, or on my computer at home is a game-changer for me. It allows me to be available for my clients whenever they need me, making them feel like I am always there for them."

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Verified 4.5 star review via G2
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Still have questions about Vonage Call Flip?

To access VBC services and apps, including our call-forwarding capabilities, start by selecting a VBC plan that is right for your business. View our plans and buy online, schedule a conversation, or simply call 855-430-6401 to discuss your needs with a business VoIP expert.



Call Flip is related to Vonage’s suite of “Never Miss a Call” features, like Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, or Follow Me. For example, calls forwarded to a mobile phone from a Vonage extension using one of these features can be transferred back to your deskphone or desktop app with the touch of a button. In most cases, if you want to flip a call, you will enter a “star” code on the phone where you want the conversation to continue.

Call Flip is free. It’s included as a standard feature in your Vonage Business Communications plan, along with a wealth of other features like Call Forwarding, Voicemail to Email, and Simultaneous Ring

Yes — you will often see the terms used interchangeably, and the basic idea is the same.

There is no need to set up Call Flip. It is automatically supported as part of your VBC plan.

Call Flip works with any device that is compatible with the Vonage Business Communications system.

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