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Display Caller ID

Know who inbound callers are before you answer.

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What is Caller ID?

Caller ID is a widely used phone feature that typically displays the name and number of an incoming caller, allowing users to make decisions about how they want to handle the call.

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How does Caller ID work?

Caller ID displays the number of an unblocked incoming call. The name of the caller is supplied by a third-party service that phone companies use to attach the name to the phone numbers that are calling.

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Benefits of Caller ID

From avoiding calls you don’t want to answer to being better prepared for those you do, Caller ID offers many benefits your company can enjoy:

  • Identify incoming callers — Even when on another call, you can see who is calling and decide whether to wrap up the initial call or send the incoming call to voicemail.

  • Screen unwanted numbers — From spam to callers you simply don’t want to talk to, Caller ID helps you avoid specified numbers.

  • Answer professionally — Caller ID ensures that you never take a call you’re not ready for. Knowing who is calling allows you to gather yourself, access any pertinent information, and answer confidently and professionally.

  • Easy to use — Caller ID is a basic calling feature that’s part of Vonage Business Communications’ core phone service package.

How to use Caller ID

Caller ID is a basic VBC feature and, as such, doesn’t require any set-up process. The information appears automatically when a call comes in.

What if caller identities don’t appear?

Inbound Caller ID problems can originate with the person calling you or with one of the components of your Vonage Business phone system. It is important to distinguish between not seeing a phone number and not seeing a Caller ID name on your phone’s display.

  • No number: A caller’s number should always appear, except when the caller has intentionally blocked their Caller ID information or when the caller does not have a direct Caller ID to transmit. For example, if they are using a VoIP service that does not have Caller ID set up. In these cases, your phone displays “Unknown” or “Unavailable” for the Caller ID.
  • No name: The issue is most likely related to the third-party phone number provider. Although Vonage uses many third-party providers to ensure a greater coverage area, not all of our providers support inbound Caller ID. If you have any questions about your phone number provider, contact us for assistance.

Still have questions about Caller ID?

You can uncover the identity of an unknown or blocked caller by using the *69 feature, employing a third-party app, or contacting your phone service provider. Vonage also offers a Call Blocking feature that allows users to automatically reject calls that display Restricted, Private, Anonymous, and other non-numeric characters.

While generally accurate, Caller ID isn’t foolproof. For example, individuals and businesses can hide their identities behind “spoofed” caller IDs that display a name and/or number on your screen that don’t match their true identity or the number they’re calling from.

For outbound calls, Vonage offers several customization options for setting caller ID numbers, including displaying one number for all extensions, setting each extension to show any number from the account you prefer, choosing to display nothing at all, or programming an alphanumeric name or company name to appear along with the telephone number.

Yes, Vonage offers a Block Caller ID feature. Using either your phone’s keypad or the VBC User Portal, you can block caller ID on any of your outbound calls. Those you call will see “Unavailable” or “Blocked” rather than your business name and phone number. Blocking caller ID can sometimes lead to more call connections by bypassing individuals who screen calls.

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