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Vonage SD-WAN Solutions

Deliver High Quality of Service for your business communications with our powerful SD-WAN solutions, SmartWAN and SmartWAN+.
  • Improve the effectiveness of business communications with SmartWAN or our fully-managed SmartWAN+
  • Flawlessly connect distributed workforces with voice, messaging, video, and other bandwidth-intensive apps
  • Ensure more secure and reliable connections
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Vonage SmartWAN and SmartWAN+

Customers and employees expect reliable communication and collaboration capabilities, regardless of their location. Video conferencing and other communications apps can be time-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive, challenging networks to provide sufficient throughput and risking degradation throughout the organization.   Additionally, building private-line solutions can be cost prohibitive for businesses of any size. 

Enter SD-WAN solutions from Vonage, SmartWAN and SmartWAN+, to meet the communications network QoS needs of modern businesses.   


SD-WAN solution


SmartWAN provides a powerful yet simple solution for supporting cloud-based communication and integrated collaboration applications. Our solution ensures reliable, cost-effective, and secure support for Vonage Business Communications’ Desktop, Mobile and integrated apps.

  • Prioritizes real-time applications like voice and video 

  • Minimizes disruption by creating fail-safes over multiple customer-provided internet connections

  • Increased security and privacy using a hybrid network solution

  • Enjoy enterprise-grade uptime reliability



Fully-Managed SD-WAN Solution


SmartWAN+ from Vonage provides the same benefits as SmartWAN, plus professional managed services that enable the rapid deployment of network connectivity to your offices and centralized control that helps ease the management burden.

  • Vonage Professional Services provisions circuits through trusted partnerships with ISPs, cable, and wireless providers

  • Enables monitoring and management of circuit performance and troubleshooting of issues

  • Provides single-point-of-contact for both VBC and circuit problem resolution

  • Realize the full potential of professionally-managed business communications with VBC SmartWan+

Still have questions about Vonage SD-WAN solutions?

SD-WAN stands for "Software-defined wide-area networking."  SD-WANs can create wide area networks that uses software-defined network technology to optimize quality of bandwidth-intensive applications such as business VoIP communications

SmartWAN is the standard SD-WAN offering from Vonage while SmartWAN+ is our fully-managed SD-WAN solution.   

  • Enterprise quality bandwidth - Network solutions built to help maximize your bandwidth with dedicated performance for your high-quality voice, video and messaging data.
  • Voice, data, and video traffic prioritization. - Our SD-WAN solutions help your network avoid unnecessary congestion while maximizing uptime for your business-critical applications.
  • Performance statistics - Detailed visibility for your link and application performance statistics

SmartWAN uses software to create a network over large geographic distances. Businesses can route and prioritize data over their own data networks—including private circuits, commercial broadband lines, and even LTE/4G/5G connections for better communication quality.

Additionally SmartWAN can help minimize disruption by creating fail-safes on multiple broadband connections with both black and brown-out protection. These include transfers through another route—even wireless—for maximum uptime reliability.

Vonage SmartWAN prioritizes traffic by application, with additional capability to customize based on your specific needs. SmartWAN constantly searches for the best possible path for real-time and prioritized communication.

Finally, SmartWAN can structure a hybrid network solution. This serves to maximize QoS and maintain the control and privacy you enjoy through a managed MPLS network.

Speak with an expert about your business needs to learn more about SmartWAN from Vonage.  

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