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VBC Virtual Voicemail

Customize voicemail greetings and check messages wherever you are with Vonage’s cloud voicemail service.

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What is VBC Virtual Voicemail?

VBC Virtual Voicemail is a digital voicemail service that stores messages in the cloud. With a virtual voicemail box, you can access your messages through the VBC Desktop or Mobile App, or through your VoIP desk phone.

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How Virtual Voicemail works

With VBC Virtual Voicemail, every extension gets its own secure voicemail box. Messages left in the voicemail box are stored in the cloud, making them accessible anytime, anywhere through the VBC platform.


VBC Virtual Voicemail can send business voicemails to email, play different messages when you’re out of the office, or be turned on and off as needed. You can also give callers the option of skipping voicemail and connecting with another extension or phone number.

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Virtual Voicemail greetings

With Vonage’s online voicemail service, you can create personalized business voicemail greetings. VBC Virtual Voicemail comes with four types of greeting options:

    • Name Greeting

      • Available when Vonage Voicemail is configured with a dial-by-name directory through the Virtual Receptionist. Callers dial the first few letters of a first or last name, and the greeting plays to assure they've dialed correctly. 

    • Unavailable Greeting

      • Callers receive this greeting if you’re unable to answer the phone or are on another call.

    • Busy Greeting

      • If your phone is set to “Do Not Disturb,” or if you receive a call when all other lines are in use, this greeting will play for your callers.

    • Vacation/Out of office greeting

      • Once selected in the User Portal, this greeting replaces the unavailable and busy greetings.



VBC Virtual Voicemail brings flexibility, security, and control to the table for your business and your employees.

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You can customize your business voicemail greetings — and easily change them as needed.

Ease of use

Wherever you are — in the office, on the road, working from home — you can check messages securely and quickly.
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Each extension receives its own unique business voicemail box.
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Advantages of Virtual Voicemail

Stay on top of missed calls and urgent conversations by bringing your voicemail with you. VBC Virtual Voicemail gives your team added flexibility and control, allowing you to step away from the office without leaving your voicemail behind. Benefits of our virtual voicemail service include:

  • Flexibility and Convenience — With cloud voicemail, you can check messages anytime and anywhere, whether you’re in the office, on the road, or working from home. Combine with Voicemail to Email or Visual Voicemail for even greater flexibility.

  • Improved Communications — Cloud voicemail makes it easy to review, listen, and respond to business messages when you’re away from your office phone. Stay on top of your inbox and respond to urgent messages.

  • Personalized Greetings — Choose from four types of greetings to personalize your voicemail service. You can easily customize your business voicemail greetings or change your greetings as needed.

  • Secure Voicemail — VBC Virtual Voicemail gives each extension its own voicemail box, keeping your messages secure. Users and administrators can set and reset their PIN.






How to get started with Virtual Voicemail

VBC Virtual Voicemail settings can be applied in the VBC Admin Portal and end-users can also easily customize their own voicemail service. Users can go to their VBC Desktop App, click on Voicemail in the left-side navigation, and then click on “Open Voicemail Settings.” There, they can enable Voicemail to Email, record greetings, and more.

For added security, you have the ability to change or reset your voicemail PIN, a number used to access voicemail messages. All extensions come with an unset PIN; new users are instructed to set their own PIN. Administrators can also set, change, or reset PINs.

Still have questions about VBC Virtual Voicemail?

Nothing — Virtual Voicemail is included with Vonage Business Communications.

At any time during playback of your voicemail greeting, the caller may press 4 to connect to an extension or outside number of your choice. If this is active, remember to change your voicemail greeting to remind callers about this option.

Yes, all four types of greetings — Name, Unavailable, Busy, and Out of Office — can be easily recorded and changed in the VBC Admin Portal and VBC Desktop App.

Yes. Visual Voicemail automatically sends a text transcript of a voicemail to the user’s email inbox. Virtual Voicemail gives users unique, secure access to messages and the ability to customize greetings.

Virtual Voicemail messages can be accessed via Vonage Business Communications Desktop and Mobile Apps and your VoIP phone.

Yes. Virtual Voicemail gives each extension its own voicemail box. In addition, users can set — and reset as needed — a voicemail box PIN.

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