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Vonage Voicemail

Customize greetings and check messages anywhere.
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Vonage Voicemail overview

Vonage Voicemail gives each extension its own voicemail box, offering more secure access to messages via the Vonage Business Communications Desktop App, Mobile App, or your phone. Program the voicemail box to send business voicemails to email and play different messages when you are out of the office.

Listen to recordings and reset your voicemail pin

How Vonage Voicemail works

Apply voicemail settings for your users in VBC Admin Portal. Users can easily customize their own voicemail service.

  • Conveniently turn voicemail on or off.

  • Add more security with the ability to change or reset your voicemail PIN. The Vonage Voicemail PIN is a number used to access voicemail messages. As all extensions come with an unset PIN,  new users are instructed to set their own PIN. Administrators can also set, change, or reset PINs.

  • Create personalized voicemail greetings.

  • Enable callers to exit from a voicemail greeting and connect to a specified extension or outside phone number.

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Vonage Voicemail greetings

Choose from four business voicemail greeting options:


    • Name Greeting

      • Available when Vonage Voicemail is configured with a dial-by-name directory through the Virtual Receptionist. Callers dial the first few letters of a first or last name, and the greeting plays to assure they've dialed correctly. 

    • Unavailable Greeting

      • Callers receive this greeting if you’re unable to answer the phone or are on another call.

    • Busy Greeting

      • If your phone is set to “Do Not Disturb,” or if you receive a call when all other lines are in use, this greeting will play for your callers.

    • Vacation/Out of the Office Greeting

      • Once selected in the User Portal, this greeting replaces the unavailable and busy greetings.

*Mobile data charges may apply.



Customize your business voicemail greetings and easily change as needed.
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Check messages securely and quickly.
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Each extension receives its own unique business voicemail box.
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US toll-free number: 1-844-365-9460
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