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Recording employee calls

No more, “Can you remember what they said?”
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Seamless communication channels

Works with VoIP desk phone or mobile app
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Extended communication possibilities

Easily implement into contact centers and employee training
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Full compliance

Meets regulatory requirements for various compliances
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Recording calls—we’ve got a few ways

With On-Demand and Company-Wide call recording, every recorded call is organized and available for easy access thanks to online portals on the Vonage cloud.
  • Search call logs by extension or client account
  • Easily send recordings via email
  • Alter rules
  • Download or delete recordings to make space in the archive
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Record what you want, when you want

Get 15 hours of recording calls for $4.99 a month* per extension.
  • Easily play back calls
  • Send audio files via email
  • Full control over recordings management
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Train better—for half the price

Add Call Monitoring to your Company-Wide Recording for half the original price.
  • Listen in, to monitor a call
  • Whisper, to speak only to the employee
  • Barge, to step in for support
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Record all inbound and outbound contact center calls

Record all inbound and outbound calls, which are automatically logged as hyperlinks in Salesforce. Recordings are readily available for supervisors to review and score as part of on-going coaching and training, dispute research/resolution, or compliance.
  • Call recording storage and cost savings
  • Inbound call recording
  • Outbound call recording
  • Call transfers to third parties
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Company Call Recording is a feature that goes straight to the bottom line.

Lee Rosen Owner, Rosen Law Firm
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