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Vonage at Dreamforce 2022: Day Three Highlights

This article was published on September 23, 2022

Day three at Dreamforce began with the panel session, ‘Imperatives for Automation Success: New Findings from IDC’, where Savinay Berry, EVP, Product & Engineering at Vonage, joined thought leaders from IDC, Trimble and Salesforce to discuss a new IDC study, launched by Salesforce, which uncovered innovators who are reducing costs, maximizing efficiency, and improving business outcomes with automation.

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Sanjna Parulekar, Senior Director of Developer Marketing at Salesforce, explained, “Recently, Salesforce launched an important automation study. As you know, automation is a major priority for Salesforce, particularly on the Platform team, since there are so many apps and automation capabilities you can build on the Platform. But there is still a lot of ambiguity around automation and we hear this from customers all the time. What does it really mean? How can I get started? How can I do it well and realize the cost-saving and efficiency benefits? We wanted to understand, in particular, what the secrets are to automation success? What are the folks who are excelling in automating business processes doing right? And what can we all learn from their success?

“To find out, we partnered with IDC to survey around 1,700 line of business and IT professionals across 16 countries and four geographies to gauge how automation is progressing. The report reveals the strategies, tactics, and technologies organizations are turning to, the impact of automation technology, the role business process automation is taking as organizations become even more digital, and of course, best practices in automation.”

Mickey North Rizza, Group Vice-President for IDC's Enterprise Software, shared key findings from the study, noting that 52 percent of organizations have too many manual processes and tasks, and only 29 percent have been able to overcome the challenges of automation. Further, it was found that 77 percent of organizations find two hours or more per week saved through automation, and 90 percent have saved up to 24 percent in operational costs. 

The breakout session closed with the panel’s tips for automation success, with Savinay citing an obsessive focus on the end user experience - who is this automation for? - and the importance of defining the problem that needs to be solved before embarking on solutions.  

A little later, Vonage participated in a breakout session at the Campground, following the theme of automation and the business value it brings. Tara Zaleski, Senior Director of Business Applications at Vonage was joined by Vijay Pandiarajan VP, Product Management at Salesforce to discuss how Vonage has increased its operational efficiencies and business productivity by automating on Salesforce.

Tara commented, “It’s important to remember that no automation is too small - if it will improve your workflow, then it’s a win. The key is to automate what’s possible, and make your systems work for you.”

And that’s a wrap! Check out our day one and two blog posts for more about Vonage’s sessions at Dreamforce.

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