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Vonage Announces Partnership with Deutsche Telekom

This article was published on September 20, 2023

By Rory Read, Vonage CEO and SVP, Head of Business Area Global Communications Platform for Ericsson

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Today, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Deutsche Telekom, one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies, to power DT’s new MagentaBusiness API portal and network API offerings. This represents a key milestone in our journey as Ericsson, together with Vonage, builds the foundation for a global network platform for open innovation for developers, enterprises and communications service providers (CSPs). 

The MagentaBusiness API platform, powered by Vonage and Ericsson, is a white label platform portal built on the Vonage Communications Platform (VCP). It provides access to both communications APIs and network APIs that are designed to enhance customer experience and enable businesses to quickly build faster, more direct and personal connections to their end-customers or employees.

In today’s announcement, Claudia Nemat, Board Member for Technology and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom said, "In the future, our network itself will enable new growth opportunities for businesses through APIs. We invite our customers to explore new use cases or optimize existing business processes by participating in our friendly adopter program. Together with Vonage and Ericsson, we are the first to expose network APIs in a one-stop shop portal. APIs are a key strategic focus for Deutsche Telekom. This is underlined by our status as a founding member of the CAMARA alliance, which aims to make standardized APIs available internationally."

At launch, MagentaBusiness API users will have access to Vonage Communications APIs that enable developers and enterprises to program intelligent communications functions like voice, meetings, messaging, two-factor authentication and more into their existing and future products, applications, and workflows, as well as select open network APIs through the CAMARA Initiative that enable Quality on Demand (QoD), Device Status and Device Location capabilities. 

We expect the demand for new services, innovations and value creation enabled by 5G to grow significantly over the coming years. With network APIs, the key is exposing new capabilities to developers from within the 5G network that have never before been available. 

As more network APIs are developed using Ericsson’s 5G capabilities, network leadership and engineering scale together with Vonage's knowledge and leadership in cloud communications, these will be added to the MagentaBusiness API portal - and to other CSP’s white labeled Vonage CPaaS portals launched in the future - to allow businesses to capture new market opportunities and create advanced use cases like cloud gaming, connected vehicles, remote patient care and more.  

This announcement represents exciting progress in our work to capitalize on the opportunities ahead of us by accelerating execution of the GNP strategy and a key milestone in Ericsson’s enterprise strategy. 

The partnership and MagentaBusiness API offering was announced by Deutsche Telekom, Vonage and Ericsson during Deutsche Telekom’s annual Digital X event in Germany. You can learn more in the press releases issued today by Ericsson and Deutsche Telekom.  

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