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Effective Communications Month - Reflecting on the Tech Innovations Accelerating the World’s Ability to Connect

This article was updated on June 21, 2022

By Savinay Berry, EVP Product & Engineering, Vonage

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June marks Effective Communications Month, an annual celebration that encourages us to reflect on the opportunities that modern forms of communication afford us.

For years, Vonage has been transforming the way its customers communicate, operate, and do business; leading through change and blurring the boundaries between internal and external communications - from conversations with colleagues to delivering a superior customer experience, to virtual tech support, telehealth appointments, remote learning, and more. Vonage is the first to productize fully extensible communications applications that power these experiences and are critical for modern communications.

Vonage’s vision is to use our single, integrated Vonage Communications Platform (VCP) capabilities and technology innovations to accelerate the world’s ability to connect and capture the digital transformation and intelligent communications wave. By enabling next-generation communications that are more flexible, intelligent and personal, we are empowering businesses, their employees, and agents to enhance collaboration and engagement with customers - from anywhere. Empowering them to do what is next now and stay ahead.

VCP allows us to deliver innovations to our customers using our APIs, Contact Center, Unified Communications and Conversational Commerce solutions that enable them to perform better, connect easier and enhance their customer experiences. This is more important than ever in an increasingly digital world where consumers expect to engage with businesses on their own terms, on the communications channel of their choice (voice, messaging, video), from anywhere around the world.

This ability to build upon solutions to meet customers’ unique needs should be a core part of every business’ communications strategy. In an increasingly hybrid work environment, the importance of this agility continues to grow as companies of all sizes realize the need for integrated, customized, embedded solutions to meet the needs of the new, modern workplace.

In the future, the concept of the physical, digital and virtual worlds will blend together.

Businesses will need to create connections through technology in the digital and virtual worlds - from purchase, to support, service, marketing and training - all in one place - augmenting the physical consumer experience. There will be ubiquitous connection points allowing your personal data and info to move across that continuum - and follow your physical presence. This is how we see the future of customer engagement.

Communications are critical no matter what business or industry you're in and no matter the business size. Vonage has been there from the beginning, transforming and revolutionizing communications that help individuals and organizations to make the kinds of connections that matter, the kinds of connections that are changing the way we do business, the kinds of connections that are changing the world.

Learn how the Vonage Communications Platform can accelerate your ability to connect with customers around the world.

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