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Control Risk Exposure With Vonage Fraud Defender

This article was updated on March 6, 2024


Cybercrime is steadily rising, and tactics are rapidly evolving. As fraudsters adapt their strategies, staying ahead of the latest fraud trends needs to be a top priority for businesses. Fortunately, cybercriminals aren't the only ones with increasingly sophisticated technology — fraud detection and prevention tools are also getting smarter. Easily implement real-time monitoring, alerting, and notifications to help stop suspicious activity in its tracks for SMS and voice (including Verify 2FA) traffic with Vonage Fraud Defend

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Protect against fraud with self-service alerting and blocking

  • Mitigate risk exposure with flexible rules and settings via the Vonage dashboard based on your specific needs.
  • Set up controls to determine what actions to take by account, country, and network.
  • Leverage built-in templates and recommendations to filter traffic from high-risk countries.

We’re excited to announce that Fraud Defender is now available for Verify 2FA SMS and voice traffic!
Learn more.


Follow these quick steps to get started with Fraud Defender for your Vonage SMS and voice traffic:

  1. Set up your fraud notification email to receive all alerts by selecting the ‘Notifications’ tab under API Settings page.

  2. From the Alert Rules page, you can now go ahead and modify the default settings on how Fraud Defender handles incoming alerts.

  3. Configure your monitoring rules from the Traffic Rules page.

  4. You can now access and drill into all flagged traffic from the Alerts page.

Learn more about the various capabilities of Fraud Defender:

Interested in additional fraud-prevention measures, including two-factor authentication and identification? Explore Vonage Protection Suite.

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