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Vonage and TNS-Plus Enter Strategic Partnership, Offering Customized CPaaS Solutions Across CIS Region

This article was published on November 29, 2021

Vonage has entered a strategic partnership with TNS-Plus, a leading telecom operator in Kazakhstan, a major provider in Kyrgyzstan, and part of the Veon Group, which owns mobile operators in multiple markets across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region, Pakistan, Algeria and Bangladesh.

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With this partnership, TNS-Plus will leverage the Vonage Communications Platform (VCP) to support regional enterprises in the powerhouse economy of Kazakhstan and the thriving start-up culture of Central Asia. The digital-native generation in the CIS region is driving the growth of new and innovative services, often developed by local startups. Backed by governments, the regional economies are accelerating telecom infrastructure investments. 

Vonage’s partnership with TNS-Plus gives businesses in CIS access to VCP, enabling them to improve their productivity and customer engagement. VCP brings both power and flexibility to organizations through the integration of multiple channels, including messaging, voice, and video communications solutions, into their applications, products, and workflows to enhance employee productivity and customer engagement at scale and drive better business outcomes. 

Vonage’s Communications APIs make it easy for businesses to build solutions to disrupt their industries, and enable the type of business continuity, remote work, and remote delivery of services that is so essential in today's environment. Through its partners, Vonage’s platform is at the center of many notable transformational projects worldwide.

Jay Bellissimo, Chief Operating Officer at Vonage, commented, “The pandemic has led to a significant change in how business is done and accelerated digital transformation for organizations around the globe. Businesses must rely on technology to build disruptive solutions that provide virtual connections and remote delivery of services to meet customer expectations, and we’re excited to be working with TNS-Plus to empower more organizations in the CIS region to do just that."

Sabi Omirserikov, Chief Operating Officer at TNS-Plus said; “Vonage has a long-standing reputation as a superior provider of business communications solutions for millions of customers around the world. This partnership will strengthen our position in satisfying the changing needs of our subscribers while creating greater value from our networks.”

Learn more about how the advanced Vonage Communications Platform enables businesses to create customer and employee connections that are more flexible, intelligent, and personal - across industries and across the globe.

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