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Vonage for AWS Contact Center Intelligence

This article was updated on May 7, 2021

With AWS and Vonage, businesses can offer their customers quick and easy access to answers for frequently asked questions, simple and intuitive voice navigation through IVR systems, and an overall more tailored customer experience.

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Vonage for AWS Contact Center Intelligence

The contact center is fundamentally changing. Once relegated to a mostly customer service function focused on troubleshooting and resolving issues, it now has evolved to become the foremost point of contact for many businesses with their customers, supporting the entirety of the customer journey. Every step from the point of consideration to post sales when a customer needs support is handled by the contact center. As such, the representative who once had to focus on a limited set of tasks and knowledge now needs to be able to handle a multitude of inquiries across the entire spectrum of customer types, from first time buyers looking for a little more information to long standing customers who need to troubleshoot something with their product or service. Layer in customer expectations of timely and accurate outcomes, and the challenge to keep up by simple human power becomes a near herculean task

Throwing more people into the mix to meet these evolving expectations can help alleviate some of the challenges but it is only one part of the equation. Agents need to deliver more than ever before on the customer experience front, providing not just information in a timely manner but also in a way that makes the entire interaction stand out and demonstrates a focus on customer satisfaction. To meet these challenges and transform the customer experience Vonage has teamed up with AWS on its latest AI offering—AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) aimed at delivering a contact center experience enriched with AI for both the customer and agent alike.

Adding AWS Contact Center Intelligence brings a suite of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to the contact center environment, enabling customer self-service, agent assist tools, and call analytics that can be delivered to an agent in real time during a call or leveraged post-call to better understand customer interactions and needs.  With AWS and Vonage, businesses can offer their customers quick and easy access to answers for frequently asked questions, simple and intuitive voice navigation through IVR systems, and an overall more tailored customer experience. 

Consider the scenario where a customer calls in looking for some information regarding the delivery of a package.  In the world without AI, this could mean waiting on hold for a potentially inordinate amount of time to get what really is some pretty basic information.  With AI in the contact center loop, that customer could resolve the entire inquiry without ever having to speak with a human and, more importantly, in the most efficient manner possible. Using nothing more than their natural speech to inform the bot of the reason for his or her call, the caller relays the information needed to look up the status of the package and in return the bot provides its status.  The customer gets what they need and the agent has more time to work with other customers on more complex issues that require a more nuanced conversation.  

The agent can benefit as well with live call analytics and tools for things like sentiment analysis—giving the agent real time insight into the overall customer experience as it is happening.  With AI in the loop, the contact center agent has not only more time to work with each individual customer, but more tools at their disposal to ensure that the experience they provide is a positive one.

And with this AWS + Vonage partnership, adding AI  to the contact center does not need to be an all or nothing equation.  Leverage AWS for the insights and power of its AI capabilities and Vonage APIs to connect it with your communication infrastructure.  Instead of “rip and replace,” Vonage offers the flexibility to augment your existing contact center with AI added seamlessly to your customer experience. To learn more about how AWS CCI and Vonage can transform your contact center, check out our page or reach out to us.

Written by Vonage Staff

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