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What’s New with Vonage APIs for Salesforce

This article was published on April 27, 2023

Vonage APIs and Salesforce are simply “better together.” When it comes to customer connections, combining Vonage APIs and Salesforce is a winning way to use your CRM to build meaningful engagements. Discover the latest innovations with Vonage Communications APIs for Salesforce.

image depicts the Vonage APIs for Salesforce Initiative

Update 1: Conversations for Salesforce

This article was published on April 27, 2023

See how embedding Communications APIs into your Salesforce instance can power 2-way SMS and WhatsApp messaging directly in the CRM. 

Watch the demo now.


Screenshot of the Conversations for Salesforce Experience displaying a workflow on the left side of the image showing the start, run, and end of the workflow with an iPhone on the right. There is a Play video button in the lower left corner of the image.

Update 2: Bulk Messaging for Salesforce with Proactive Connect

This article was published on April 27, 2023

Want personalized communications made easy? Send bulk messages to customers using Vonage APIs and Salesforce.

Watch how Proactive Connect makes it easy to reach customers with 1:1 messages using CRM data.

Screenshot of the Bulk Messaging for Salesforce experience showing a Vonage APIs screen with a list of actions: SMS, Add item to list, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Voice

Update 3: Vonage AI Studio Integration for Salesforce

This article was published on April 27, 2023

Get a real-life look at how a virtual assistant built using Vonage AI Studio manages a customer case and updates a Salesforce object in real-time.

Screenshot of the Vonage AI Studio for Salesforce interface
Deskphone with Vonage logo

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