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Draw Up a Winning Game Plan for Microsoft Teams, Starting With Unified Communications

This article was updated on February 2, 2024

There’s no doubt that Microsoft Teams is an awesome tool for communication and collaboration. Employees, whether remote or hybrid, can huddle up in group chats, jump into a video conference, or co-author shared documents in real time. Businesses are now leaning into flexible calling solutions that support both modern workforces and customer communications. In short, it’s become important to integrate Microsoft Teams with a unified communications provider.

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Microsoft Teams Doesn't Replace Your Phone System ...

If you’re looking at Microsoft Teams, or if you’re already a user, you want to be sure your employees and customers have the best possible connections, conversations, and experiences. While the Microsoft Teams phone system offers an array of calling features and management tools, adopting a unified communications system provides powerful enhancements.

It’s no secret that the evolving digital landscape has impacted the way that organizations across industries plan for the future. This shift has impacted customers and employees, who want access to the right resources, efficient solutions and, above all, excellent experiences. Why?

  • Employees need the right tools — like premium calling features, easy collaboration tools, and simple onboarding — to be successful.

  • Customers expect to engage with your business through high-quality and consistent communications, from voice calls to video and SMS to social media channels.

Low quality or unreliable, dropped calls can create poor experiences. Sometimes the call quality just isn’t there, especially when your employees are spread out across the country or around the world. “I didn’t catch that” and “Can you repeat that?” are annoying in any language. Or call features fail to make the grade. Maybe reliability issues are creating communication challenges, with an overtaxed network leading to congestion and brownouts.

While the Microsoft Teams phone system offers important tools — call queues, auto attendant, and call routing — adding a unified communications solution can help you avoid critical disruptions. You should have phone service you can count on from a reliable, secure, and redundant communication platform.

That’s Where Vonage Comes In

Vonage integrates advanced voice calling or telephony capabilities into your existing Microsoft Teams investment — all without workflow disruptions. Bring the quality calling of Vonage Business Communications (VBC) into Microsoft Teams to benefit from enhanced reliability and enterprise-grade quality of service.

Get the level of voice capabilities that work best for your business needs. Choose between VBC for Microsoft Teams, a more robust enterprise-grade PBX phone system with 30+ premium features, or VBC Voice for Microsoft Teams that offers cost-effective call options with up to 15 features.

Take Your Microsoft Teams Experience to the Next Level

Make the call to future-proof your business by adopting a unified communications solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams. With the right unified communications integration, you can build long-lasting experiences for customers and employees.

Visit us online to learn more about the ways that Vonage integrated with Microsoft Teams can take your experience to the next level.

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